{17/06/2012}   Chores

                I have spent my “quiet Sunday” largely doing chores.  I got up at about 6.45 this morning and since then, with breaks for breakfast and lunch, I have tidied, vacuumed, washed bathroom floors, cleaned, done three washes, shopped for food and car stuff, changed a light bulb in my car (not the simple job you’d expect), had lots of cups of tea, not one of which I’ve drunk while it was hot, yet still I have a long list of things to do.  Next on my list is the very messy job of transferring elderflower cordial into bottles and making a birthday tiramisu.  At least the tiramisu-making will allow me a few sponge finger treats!

                I don’t like doing chores on days off, I’d rather sneak the odd one in here and there so you almost don’t notice you’re spending time doing them.  Having got up early this morning, I did feel incredibly smug to have done so much before normal people would be out of bed though.  I work well in the morning, there was even a little part of me that quite enjoyed it.

However, I feel like I do far too many chores.  I have a notebook for To Do lists that is filling fast.  Why is there always so much to do?  I amaze myself that I get anything done as I have inherited lazy genes from somewhere down my family line – or maybe I am first generation lazy?

Now that I am sitting to write this, I fear my productivity levels have slumped along with my enthusiasm.  Right now, as reward for all my hard labour and for braving a big supermarket at Sunday lunch time, a hot mug of tea would go down a treat and perhaps a little snooze.

I often think about how privileged my generation and those younger than me are, we have so much equipment and technology to help us.  Yet still we have loads to do.  I suppose I could have a cleaner, do online shopping, take clothes to a laundrette … ah, yes, there is a way out.  But actually, I think I like some aspects of chores because there is usually a joyous sense of achievement at completing tasks or ticking off things to do on a list.  Plus, if I didn’t have such things to do I imagine I would be even more lazy than I am now, perish the thought.

I often think I would like to spend a month or so living like a Victorian.  I might just have managed three washes, a lengthy mangle session and hanging clothes out on the line in the time I’ve done all I have done today.  It shocks me that things I take for granted, like vacuum cleaners, washing machines, electric ovens, fridges, dish washers, kettles, etc didn’t used to exist, not to mention cars and an abundance of shops and groceries, all open on Sundays.  I am flagging big time now, I might manage the tiramisu then possibly a little nap!


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