{19/06/2012}   A great place to meet near King’s Cross St Pancras and Euston

                I often catch trains from St Pancras and sometimes meet friends in that area.  There are loads of places to eat, but I hadn’t found anywhere you could get good food and somewhere to sit as long as you wanted.  Last night, three of us met up at a perfect place, somewhere one of my friends had been to drink before.  It is a pub that does “British Tapas”, Somers Town Coffee House on Chalton Street, north off Euston Road, nearer Euston station than King’s Cross St Pancras.

                When arranging to meet people in areas you’re not that familiar with for eating out, it’s hard to find somewhere that allows you to have good food and the kind of environment where you can sit and chat for as long as you want.  A pub is your best option but around stations and in central London, it’s hard to know where to go that will ensure you a seat.  The Somers Town Coffee House pub was perfect.  It’s a large pub, recently refurbished, with good pub features, no is-it-a-night-club-or-pub-pumping-music and plenty of tables.  It is also on a quiet road and even has an outdoors area.

The menu is genius.  There’s quite a long tapas style menu, with emphasis on the food being cooked in the oven (ie not microwave) and sourced from Kent, Sussex and (if I remember correctly) Surrey.  Small plate food in a pub really is genius, and really nice that it was British-inspired.  It is recommended you order three to four plates per person with a view to sharing.  We ordered three each, shared and were all full by the end, not quite finishing everything (well, chunks of scrapings rather than whole portions!).  For example, we ordered a chicken, leek and ham pie, which was delicious.  Actually, it all was good: fishfingers (along the goujon lines), potted crab and shrimp (exceptional), Pork lollies (off-putting name but the other two said they were lovely, especially as they come with crackling!), potatoes with black pudding and a tomato sauce, corn on the cob, sweet potato, spinach and another vegetable filo parcel … and I forget the others (this obviously isn’t a restaurant review!).  Ooo, and lovely mussel popcorn.  Oh, yes, and garlic butter button mushrooms.  It was lovely.  I really enjoyed the nibbling aspect and it is more sociable than your head facing your plate as you shovel in your dinner.

I do always find it difficult to meet people in such areas, places I wouldn’t usually go to eat and where the likelihood is you’ll end up in a conveyor belt chain or somewhere fit for tourists, ie over-priced, microwaved and dreadful.  It was a joy to find somewhere with such a nice atmosphere where we could all relax and just enjoy eating, drinking and chatting to each other.  A very, very enjoyable, relaxed evening.

So if you ever want to meet friends around that area, give it a go:


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