{21/06/2012}   Pictures on walls

I have a wall of pictures (not all mine).  Looking at them while thinking what to write today, I am contemplating what pictures we put up on our walls, if indeed any.  The random wall has 12 pictures, all skewiff, and all very different.  I think they reflect my personality (and Chris’s, whose idea it was and whose pictures are also adorning the wall) in that they are random but all have a story.

Maybe not my favourite picture but I have an artists’ proof by Graham Clarke, an artist I have met a few times.  I won an art competition he ran when I was young, colouring in an outline of a cat.  The picture I won, entitled “Woof”, depicting a kind of Gulliver’s Travels scene, is dedicated to me on the back.  I am not known for my painting skills so it is with particular pride and surprise that I proudly display that picture.  Another is of a favourite place in Folkestone, bought long before I ever contemplated living there.  I have a photo of a similar part of the harbour, one of the last places I ever went to with both parents, taken shortly before my dad died.  Others match my interest in colour, more places, the odd one I just saw somewhere, liked and bought, and one I got in a “miscellaneous” box from an auction buy, which I’m convinced is worth a small fortune.  I’m hoping it’ll be my Only Fools and Horses grand finale!

I have a lot of photos on my walls too, clipped together to form a kind of curtain of photos.  I am well aware that having lots of photos of yourself on the wall is a bit vein, but there are quite a lot of me up there, though almost all of them are with friends.  They too are somewhat messy and random.  I am fairly optimistic I have a photo of all my friends on there, though there are a few people who are good at avoiding cameras … but there are ways!

I like books and pictures in people’s houses, they do say a lot about the person whose house you’re in.  I really like it when people come out with an unexpected or unusual story behind a picture.  Does everyone have pictures on walls, or at least propped up in some way?  Whenever I move house, pictures are pretty much the final thing I sort; once they’re up, your work is done and your new place is officially your home.  I’m also not destined to be a minimalist and having blank walls would be altogether too much for my “stuff” self to cope with!

I have recently got a fair few pictures framed, though realised why I probably hadn’t got them done before, it’s expensive, usually costing more for bespoke frames than the actual picture itself.  But now I guess I am revealing a little more about my interests and personality by displaying more on my walls as I slowly get more pictures framed and displayed.


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