{29/06/2012}   The end of my six-month 500 words per day writing challenge

                While there have been days I’ve enjoyed the whole blog writing process, I have really struggled with this and sometime in early February I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to keep it up.  Somehow I have.  I had thought I would finish with a fantastic piece of well-written, properly edited and thoroughly entertaining post.  Instead, I thought I would look back on the many things I said I was going to do and, ahem, probably haven’t.  I really thought this day would never come!

                My diet:  between 30th December and today, I have lost a bit, gained a bit, leveled out, lost a bit and I believe I am now maybe a pound more than I was six months ago.  Dreadful.

Kayaking: I went every week for maybe five or six weeks but haven’t been since, though in my defence I have only not gone because I’ve had things on, not because I haven’t felt I wanted to go.  I have largely enjoyed it but I realise I have no desire to kayak in challenging waters.  I just want to paddle on still waters and look at the scenery, ideally on a fjord in northern Europe or on the Caribbean.

Enid Blyton books:  I was enthusiastic for a while and read one with fascination.  I am over them now.

Cuticle picking: I would say, on the whole, my gnawing and picking has increased and my cuticles look maimed.

Summer holiday: I am not going on a cargo ship from France to the French West Indies in August.  I found out that seasickness is really bad and you get floaters (spots across your eyes not poo) and, the final straw: it’s hurricane season.  I definitely want to do a cargo ship voyage though, just that August is not the time to go (it was also very expensive to get to the port in France, Montoir, especially as you’d need a flexible return, or two singles.  In August.  During the poxy Olympics.  Destination still undecided, though it’s going to take a lot to convince me the Madagascar isn’t the way forward!

Clearing out my childhood stuff from my mum’s house:  after my two-day burst of sorting, it has petered out.  But I am feeling confident there will be future bursts of enthusiasm to deal with the attic!

Curry night:  There have been no more takeaway curry nights spent shouting at reality TV.  There must be such a night coming up!

Film cameras: I took 36 photos on my latest (novelty) film camera.  They were fantastic, mostly taken running and jumping on the beach at Le Touquet.  I failed to wind the film back correctly.  No photos.  If the next film doesn’t work out, I may have to revert to digital!

The tale of local harassment: Very annoying this one.  After advice from the police and following up on that, Z is no longer harassing X.  But Z is on the charm offensive and has been going round to everyone from the church and charming them.  I am now even more angry about it all as now I know how and why he hasn’t been de-frocked long ago.

Eating food on trains:  I ate my burger and chips (posh ones, mind you) on the train the other night.  I was suffering without food and had had a challenging work day.  I felt guilty, but fortunately I was so hungry that I ate them really quickly, plus it was a quiet train.

Sandwich fillings:  I was reminded how much I love the egg, cheese and tomato sandwich mixture and hadn’t had it for ages.  I made it the other day and it even exceeded expectations!

Boot fairs:  I still haven’t been.  I desperately need to sell/get rid of a lot of stuff!

Running for trains and planes:  I continue to do this on a distressingly regular basis.

Yoga:  I have retired, though I may revise this situation as the pension plan isn’t great!  I was enjoying it though and expect I probably will start again.

Buying a new car:  I definitely did the right thing not buying a new or newer car.  I still have my old car, which I still like, complete with its distinctive bullet mark in the windscreen.

Winning the lottery:  I haven’t won it yet so I haven’t had to deal with the issues I have about winning.

Supermarkets:  I still shop largely in supermarkets, though I have been frequenting fish mongers and a butcher a little more often of late.

Picnics:  I have had a few, including two sitting in a car in the rain in a carpark facing Dungeness beach and a few more beach BBQs.  I have not yet had an opportunity to use my orange and white flight-food style picnic box.

How grubby am I:  I wash my sheets pretty much fortnightly now.  I also vacuum more often.  Result!

Going to the cinema:  I may say I love it but I don’t think I’ve been since I wrote about going to the pictures in March.  I’ve been wanting to go for ages but for some reason it’s not something I do.

Geography quiz: I have moved my magnetic wall map to my bathroom and can now study it from the toilet.  My Africa geography (eye height) is improving.  I also now know where Martinique and Guadeloupe are and likewise a few other places that I have been contemplating visiting this summer.

Writing letters:  After my write-a-letter-a-day month in February, I have written maybe three letters.  It’s amazing that I have made time to write this and I made time to write letters every day for a month, yet when I don’t “have to”, I don’t make the time.  There’s a moral to that, isn’t there?!

Writing:  I had intended to write this blog as a 500 words a day/90,000 words in six months challenge that would lead straight into my starting writing a novel in the following six months.  As the novel idea, ie the plot and most other aspects of a novel, is still a work in progress, I think I will continue writing this until either I go away somewhere exciting for a holiday (no phones or email, thank you very much!) or I am ready to start the novel.  Corny though it is, I feel a need to say: so watch this space.


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