{03/07/2012}   Hotel buffet breakfast

Why on earth do I eat hotel buffet breakfasts as if challenged to eat a bit of everything?  I went down to breakfast yesterday and today with a mantra going round in my head to circumnavigate the breakfast bar to clock what was on offer then select one possible area of food type and focus solely on that.  Did I heck?!  I did do a round but I couldn’t decide whether to go for pastries, a cheeky fry-up, fruit, cheese and ham, waffles, yoghurt, cereals … too many choices, so I opted for my usual: a bit of everything until I could merely waddle back to my room cradling my laden belly.

I love breakfast and I love breakfast food.  I surprise myself by how much I can consume for breakfast.  I had a mini fry-up, a selection of pastries (well, it’s a French chain, Novotel, so the pastries must be good, right?!) and possibly maybe definitely the odd, ahem, nibble.  It was very nice, though the hot stuff was over-hot-lamped.  I shall rule that out in future after two valiant attempts.

I often go on about buffets and how dangerous they are for me, but I still can’t control myself.  It’s most disturbing.  I think I am saddled with the strong belief that you should appreciate that you have access to food, that if it’s there to be eaten you should take advantage of it as you don’t know when your next meal will be … erm, that’s sounding a bit melodramatic and like I’m desperately trying to think of excuses for ultimately being a breakfast buffet bloater!  As if!

I would not say that buffets are a food source that excites or interests me particularly.  But a breakfast buffet is a thing of wonder.  I arrived at the hotel on Sunday afternoon, heard mention of breakfast, looked at the breakfast area and found myself getting all excited about the prospect of the buffet and what it might have.  It was a bigger, more varied buffet than I had expected.

Possibly my favourite ever buffet breakfast was at an extraordinarily posh hotel in Frankfurt.  It cost something outrageous like 35 euros but it was a work expense.  As it was so expensive, I felt it my duty to get my money’s worth.  I ended up virtually useless for about two hours afterwards.  They had an area for a variety of different countries’ food.  What could I do but eat my way around world breakfasts; in the name of research, don’t you know?!  I was really disappointed that by the time I discovered the Japanese section (annoyingly, I had missed a whole table of maybe three other types of breakfast until after I was full), I could barely raise my fork to my mouth for my distended belly.  I heroically tried a few bits.  Bit of a mistake really, but it was all very good.

So this week I will be putting on breakfast weight but one day I will – I must – have a light breakfast, perhaps of fruit, yoghurt and muesli, and it will keep me going until lunch time and I will be relieved not to feel slightly pukey.  And now I’m thinking about whether to have waffles first or cheese and ham with some rather authentic-looking baguette!  So hungry … off to breakfast I go, empty-bellied ready for today’s onslaught!


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