{13/07/2012}   How some people are really annoying

I have always thought I would find it easy to dismiss potential dates if I went speed dating, for I very much either immediately take to people or I don’t.  Earlier this week I encountered someone I knew instantly would annoy me immensely.  I have been wrong about people before, but there are some people you just know will annoy you for the duration of time spent in their presence, and that person is always going to annoy me.

There are some people on TV I can’t abide watching.  Chris Tarrant is one such person, though I have never watched him long enough to work out what it is that bugs me about him.  At least with television you can just turn them off.  My world would be a much more pleasant place if I could reach out and switch certain people off.  These may be the signs of an intolerant person but I feel that as there is so much mindless drivel on the TV I am less inclined to tolerate nonsense in my out-and-about life as well.  Yes, yes, it’s all very Victor Meldrew again!

I was just thinking about what in particular irritates me and I was suddenly awash with things, fuelling my growing concern I am perhaps too intolerant.  Thinking of recent encounters, epic faffing and dithering when I am not also faffing and dithering is a cause for irritation.  Snobbery and smugness are attitudes I have no patience for and a lack of common sense and awareness of other people’s needs and interests is a major no-no.

The person who got me thinking about all this is delusional and an unrealistic perfectionist, with standards imposed on others that are unreasonable and ridiculous.  But of course, this person is never wrong.  I feel I have dealt with this person in the only way possible, which is that I have politely addressed all their issues and have repeated a calming mantra along the lines that “I am not alone”, for I have seen many eyes rolled and exasperated sighs released.  I shall rise about it, safe in the knowledge our paths have merely crossed.

I believe that as a general rule I can, on at least a small talk level, get on with most people and that there is always something you can think of to talk to people about, even if only about the weather.  But I find myself thinking annoyed thoughts about so many people I encounter and it makes me feel a bit two-faced, though what does that matter if they are people you will probably never encounter again?  It just makes me feel a bit judgmental.  But I guess it’s better to make an effort to be polite than it is to dismiss and ignore people you have no interest in talking to.  Yikes, does that sound really bad or just a teensy weensy bit bad?!  Mind you, I know with certainty that at least some people I encounter feel the same way about me, smiling nicely and making polite conversation!

I was at a house party once and realised neither I nor the bloke next to me were talking to anyone, or appeared to know more than one other person, so I made some pithy comment (ahem!) and conversation started.  Actually, no, it was more like my introductory hello were a key that unlocked a torrent of monologue about that person, how fantastic he was, how you couldn’t possibly have experienced what he had (patronising upstart) so he would explain blatantly obvious things.  I don’t think I have ever endured such tedium for so long; even interrupting to say how hungry I was resulted in his continuing his dull, patronising monotony while he trotted along next to me as I tried to escape to the food area.  What arrogance.  To top it off, he kept winking at me.  I think he was either totally in love with himself so could only assume everyone else was too, or he had a nervous twitch.  All very unsettling either way.

In conclusion, it has been well and truly established that, while I have patience and can appear to be interested and nice, I am actually intolerant and that most members of the general public annoy me.  There, I’ve said it!  Which makes me appreciate and love my friends even more, for they prove I can have nice, normal, interested and interesting exchanges with people and that there are lovely people out there who make niceness rewarding!


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