{15/07/2012}   Where does the weekend go?

Working a five-day week then having a weekend off is ludicrous.  There is not enough time over two days to recover from the previous week’s onslaught of work and commuting, relax, socialise and go out.  It is not a work-life balance for the scales are far too heavily tipped to the work side.  Yet most (most?) people do work five days a week, usually because they have to.

I am fortunate to have a job that, particularly of late, isn’t always five days a week.  For the past few weeks I’ve largely worked four-day weeks, though pretty full-on weeks with long days away from home (averaging about 12 hours).  Even with the extra day off in the week, I feel that all my time off is spent on doing To-Do lists of largely chores.  In the evenings, I’ve been too tired to do much more than eat and sit.  This is not how my prime years should be spent: working, eating and sitting slumped in an armchair.

Yesterday, I was too tired to go kayaking but I spent an hour or so agonising about going.  The weather was a bit rubbish, I have a ridiculously stiff neck from work, there is a pain in one thumb and a finger and I didn’t feel like going out.  So I didn’t.  Instead, I wrote out my extensive To-Do list and eventually readied myself for the day of chores.  As I’d missed out on my outdoor sporty fix, I factored in a beach sit between fishmonger and supermarket (big fancy food shop to prepare for my mum’s birthday feast!).  Bit of fresh air.  Check.

I then got home and the onslaught started: two washes, hung up clothes, created kitchen chaos, had tuna melt (a highlight!), made most things for dinner, wrapped birthday presents, wrote card, did cat’s litter, tidied a bit, put away the evidence of an indecisive week of work clothes selection, washed seagull diarrhoea off windows (well, I opened the windows in torrential rain, thus a hosepipe effect – most poo has been washed away.  Result!), tidied utility room, did a bit of paperwork and added things to my To-Do list that I’d done but hadn’t written down – the act of crossing off a chore is a joy, a sense of achievement, even if it is retrospective!

I would far rather work two days a week and have five days off and get paid the same as the reality way round.  Ok, three days.  Even four days is more bearable than five because three consecutive days off means you have a day of relaxation and recovery, then a whole day free, then the day of trying not to think about the fact it will all start again the next day.

It’s all about psychology really, isn’t it?  I am writing this because I am still tired from last week and feeling sorry for myself for spending my Saturday largely doing things I’d rather not have to do (though in all fairness, I enjoyed cooking).  I have a whole day of out and about stuff today.  I just feel a bit overwhelmed by how much stuff there is to do every week.  Sometimes it amazes me that I get things done and home things generally work out and get done.  It’s just all a bit much sometimes.  I basically have that end of term feeling and a desperate need for a relaxing holiday … which I still haven’t sorted!  Sorry, bit of a tedious moan there.  I do actually feel better for having written this though!


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