{16/07/2012}   Planning my holiday

Why on earth, when I am absolutely rasping for a holiday and free in two weeks, can I not decide where to go and just book somewhere?  I now have an unexpectedly large collection of travel guides and have most areas outside Europe and Australasia covered.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this indecisive, though maybe because I’m kind of enjoying the, “Ooo, where shall I go”, mystery element.  My only fear is that I will spend August having not booked anything with Olympics dominating everything from TV and radio to my rants/conversation.  I am convinced I will have changed jobs (so no opportunity for long summers with no work) by next year and this feels like my last opportunity for a long and exciting adventure.

So far I have thought about:

Hiring a VW campervan and driving round Europe.  Ruled out as it’s about £700 a week to hire and I fear the novelty would wear off fairly soon.  Plus I think I want to go further afield.

Madagascar.  I still want to go but I can’t bring myself to pay £1,240 for a flight that requires a long stopover, thus taking between c28 hours and 48 hours to get there.  Plus, to see the lemurs, which I feel one should if one is going that far and it being lemur land, I would have to endure rainforest conditions and I don’t know whether bugs/creepy crawlies/slitheries are things I could cope with on top of the heat.  But it’s vanilla, black pepper and whale-watching season and I have visions of vanilla-y, peppery air and whales leaping and what have you out of the sea!

Uruguay.  A friend has recently been and I saw photos of places I would love to go to.  I can’t remember why I ruled that out, but I did.

Cargo ship from Montoir, France, to the French West Indies, Martinique and Guadeloupe.  I want to go on a cargo ship one day but the combination of extreme seasickness (apparently at times it’s hard to even read a book as you feel so vomitous), boredom where there are no adventures of the swashbuckling kind I am envisaging, expensive single journeys to France (can’t book return as return date subject to significant change) and that it’s hurricane season in the Caribbean (more that the voyage back could be heavily delayed and I want to be back at a certain date, plus my two days on land could be marred by rain, heavy rain).

To a lesser extent I have thought about Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico (hurricane season), Fiji, a train across Canada, Okinawa, Vietnam, India to see tigers (wrong time of year) and most countries in South America.

You’d think I had loads of money with all these far-flung holiday ideas, but that’s also a bit of a hindrance!  A week driving around the UK might be more realistic.  But I am adamant I will be having adventures that will change my life forever.  Maybe it’s because I don’t entirely know what I want from this holiday, or I can’t find the right place to offer: a long land or sea journey (adventure element), a quiet beach with few tourists, warm not hot, somewhere cheap to eat; it appears to be a tall order!  I also desperately want to stop daily blog writing (to cut out the days I write a load of uninspired drivel!) and I want my holiday to be mobile phone and internet free!

I am now in the mood to do some more flight price checks to see where else I can rule out.  This holiday malarkey is always more expensive than I expect.  It is kind of exciting reading about new and exciting places though, I’m just not prepared to accept my only holiday will be an armchair one!


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