{20/07/2012}   Clothes shopping

Every now and then a friend suggests we go clothes shopping together.  I can only think to say no, for to go shopping with someone else would reveal a side of me I think is best hidden.  The only way I can agree to a shopping trip is if I don’t go along with a view to buying anything, merely trailing along.  I tolerate shopping and see it as a necessity, but for me it’s all about getting it over and done with as quickly as possible and certainly not on weekends.

Clothes shopping is probably the least enjoyable shopping experience possible.  I hate trying things on, I hate when things don’t fit or don’t suit you that you desperately want to wear, I don’t like shop assistants who talk to me, I get riled by shop assistants chatting amongst themselves and/or trailing behind me to tidy up what I’ve just moved.  I also dislike queuing for changing rooms and tills, I don’t like wanting to try on seven items but only being allowed to try on six.  I don’t like getting changed in a box of a room, especially when there is no mirror so you have to leave the cubicle, resulting in comments from the “helpful” shop assistants.  I’m not interested in personal shoppers, I have no favourite brand or shop and I resent that I am probably three different clothing sizes so usually end up having to buy things that fit the bigger parts, making the prized smaller parts look as big as the bigger parts.

To go clothes shopping with someone else would mean their witnessing all this.  Plus, while I consider myself a patient person in terms of temper, I become a seething, tooth-grinding mass of intolerance traipsing around shops.  I can walk into a clothes shop, do a glance around and be out of there in seconds.  And I mean seconds.  But some people go into shops and faff, faff, dither, dither, dither; I can’t bear it if – and I reiterate the “if” – I’m the one looking to buy something.

I get a lot of clothes from TK Maxx, in part because of the joy of getting something cheaper than it apparently should be, but also because I can shop for everything in one place and get it over and done with in one shop.  It is not unusual for me to spend between one and two hours in TK Maxx and come out with all I went in for, and sometimes more.  I like that things are in sizes and that colours and brands are all mixed up.  I might like a £4.99 cheapy top and a £49.99 designer top; I like the surprise element.  I would probably rather have the patience to wander around town and go in and out of different shops, but I just find it quicker and more functional to get it done in one shop.

I expect part of my issue about clothes shopping is the size thing.  It riles me that sizes are not consistent between shops.  I also wish clothing manufacturers would consider leg AND body lengths.  I appear to have longer arms and body than the average woman but while, if you’re lucky, there are varying leg lengths available, I have never noticed longer long-sleeved tops or longer length tops.  I blame clothing manufacturers for a lot of my clothes shopping issues.  But it is still tedious clothes shopping and it’s certainly not an activity to be undertaken when you’re feeling unattractive/poorly/tired or you’re already in a bad mood!


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