{23/07/2012}   A leisurely Sunday

I am currently under-slept, recovering from a minor bout of sunstroke and have aches and pains I shouldn’t have (from work and a challenging morning sea kayaking on Saturday).  Fortunately, Chris was of the same lazy-day mind.  I ended up having a relaxing and restorative day.  So, like a Monday morning English lesson, I am going to tell you about my relaxing Sunday.

With sun forcing its way through the blinds, I got up and went for the paper, cat food and milk at 8am, detouring to the Leas cliff walk to see the beautifully calm morning sea.  As I often feel when I’m out and about early, I felt privileged to be one of the few people to see the glorious early morning blue sky and sea.

I made a stonking breakfast of sautéed mushrooms with garlic salt, pepper and crème fraiche and sautéed potatoes with bacon and onion and a fried egg.  We both lazed around, read the paper and drank tea and coffee.  At around 12.30, I made us a picnic and we set off for the sea.  Chris has dicky knees at the moment so we compromised and sat on a grassy bank just above the sea and read, ate, snoozed, chatted and marvelled over how clear it was across to France.  I am not usually a sunbather, particularly in view of Saturday’s sunstroke, but slathered in sunscreen, all was ok.  It was just lovely to be outdoors under a blue sky and sun with the sound of the waves.  We also got to eavesdrop on some Jeremy Kyle-style conversations!

After that, we sat on the prom by the pebbly beach and took some silly photos.  We then headed home.  Having left the morning’s clothes wash to dry on the balcony, that was all dry, which gave me an enormous sense of satisfaction.   I then fell asleep on my bed-sized beanbag in the sun with the balcony doors open and the cat on my lap.

Still feeling achy, I decided to have a bath and used a birthday present Lush bath bomb.  Just so relaxing.  Actually a bit too relaxing as I had a post-bath slump and felt disinclined to do anything other than sit.  Chris suggested a pre-dinner walk/sit on The Leas as it was a blue sky early evening.  We sat for a while on a bench looking out to sea across to France and Dungeness.  I’d brought my binoculars and my camera.  I love binoculars, you can see so much more than you expect.  I was fascinated by the clarity and delineation of French fields and the beach around Dungeness.   We also got to snoop at a very odd man who I regularly see walking his large dog while wearing a full Scottish kilt ensemble.

All finished off with some bubbly, courtesy of my recent France trip, and a roast lamb dinner.   Sometimes I think we worry too much about how to have a good time, a relaxing time, and that it must cost loads of money.  Yesterday was a simple, unplanned, relaxing and enjoyable day.  It’s not hard to do and it wasn’t remotely difficult.  A fantastic Sunday, the kind I wish I had more often.


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