{01/08/2012}   Remembering dreams

I’ve often found it frustrating that I can’t remember dreams.  People have written novels based upon their dreams and I feel deprived of that source of weirdness, interest and creative thinking.  However, I suspect it can be a bit unsettling and perhaps even annoying to remember every night’s weird brain activity.  But I really want to remember last night’s, I think, early morning dream.  I woke up feeling like I’d been active, perhaps some kind of super hero, thus reflecting a side of me that is as yet unchannelled?  Perhaps?!

As with how I remember films and novels, I am usually left with a feeling for the kind of dreams I’ve had and I’m sure that filters down into my morning mood.  This morning I am feeling that I will get a lot done.  I got up at about 6.45 on a day when I don’t have to get up at any particular time.  My brain feels buzzy, my body a little tired but I find myself frowning for I know there was something frowny in my dream.  Today I feel particularly frustrated that I can’t remember what I was dreaming about.

The most common things I remember are snippets; I can rarely piece together a whole dream sequence and if I can I am desperate to tell someone.  Crikey, this really is how my awake self remembers things, ho hum.  Why do people enjoy telling others about their dreams?  I actually enjoy listening to people regaling me with dream details, it offers an insight into their psyche and enhances an interest in (very amateur, unsupported by credibility and non-anecdotal substance) psychology.

I am most prone to remember everyday things that could actually have happened.  This is quite annoying because I will ask someone about, say, the new car they’ve bought.  But they haven’t bought one.  As a teenager I had a recurring dream, which amazes me that I can remember, whereby I had a paper bag of sweets that I put amidst all the clutter in my desk drawer.  That sequence, possibly extending to the choice of favourite individual sweets, and the hiding of the bag was the extent of the dream as I recalled it.  So many times, I don’t think the next day, I would feel a sweet craving so rummage for ages in my messy drawer looking for my sweet stash.  I would always come away without finding any sweets and confused at the clarity with which I knew exactly where in all that mess my bag of sweets was, despite the fact I would often take the contents of the drawer out.  I was adamant the sweets were there; because my recall of the contents of the drawer was so accurate, how could my vivid recall of the bag of sweets be wrong?  Another similar one was about fifteen years ago, living on my own.  In reality I had only a bit of toilet roll left and shopping for more was probably on my mind as I went to bed.  In the morning, I awoke in a veritable panic for I was convinced the reality was that I’d bought toilet rolls but the whole pack just consisted of huge rolls with about three sheets of paper on each.  I have no idea how or why I still remember those dreams.

I wonder how many people out there this morning are remembering their dreams and wondering what they could possibly mean.  I feel slightly envious of you, I would like to know why I am now feeling so productive and alert!


Sarah Bradley says:

I dreamt about you the other night!
We were in your car with my uncle’s dogs. We broke down because you had forgotten to get petrol so I rang the AA using my membership. I didn’t know where we were and you told me that we were at Penshurst. We decided to go for a wander with the dogs while we waited for the AA and came across a dog show with only golden retrievers. When we got back to the car, the AA man had already arrived and was annoyed with us for not staying with the car.
As things had not gone to plan, I rang my uncle to see if he still wanted us to take the dogs for a walk, or to come back home. A woman (I think from the dog show) said that she would establish whether the dogs were happy with us. She did this by shouting right in their ears and, unsurprisingly, they ran off. The woman concluded that this was because they were not happy with us.
I woke up feeling very indignant about such an unfair test which had no reflection upon how suitable we were to take the dogs for a walk!
So, what do you think all that means?!

That’s too funny! I used to love hearing your dreams, often about people we knew, on the walks in to school! I dread to think what that means!!!!!

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