{10/08/2012}   I’m going on holiday today!

Yes, I did finally book a holiday.  No, it’s nowhere near as exciting as a cargo ship from France to Martinique.  Yes, it is somewhere I have been before, five times in fact.  Today will be my last blog until Monday, 20th August as I am flying to Reykjavik this afternoon.  Hurrah!

I have also decided that I will be holidaying from my mobile phone so I won’t be checking email, Facebook, texts or calls.  This is something which thrills yet terrifies me, two reactions that surprise me a little.

I always want to go to Iceland (it’s safe to assume that not once in this will I be referring to the frozen food shop!) but it seems a bit of a cop out going somewhere I’ve spent quite a bit of time before.  But having spent, wasted, days – really, days – looking for a holiday and ruling them all out on the grounds of expense, flight times from hard to get to airports, the issue of it being summer (ie too hot, too busy, hurricane season) and getting bogged down in Trip Advisor reviews, the thought of going to Iceland filled me with a sense of calm.

So thanks to Iceland Express having cheap flights at good times, providing me with two self-catering apartments in two areas I wanted to stay in and one of my hosts renting me a smart Lexus, I am feeling the holiday vibe!

My main aim for this holiday is to relax and read a lot.  I don’t read much these days and I enjoy reading.  I also want to spend a lot of time outdoors and at least once a day I want to be in hot springs or a pool.  I know of a few places I’ve never been where you can swim in the sea, the North Atlantic, maybe in one spot the Greenland Sea, and the water is hot from a geothermal source.  I love the idea of having a hot bath with the icy cold sea around me and, as likely will be the case, rain.

Other reasons to love Reykjavik and Iceland in general are that it’s fairly easy to get a good coffee or tea, I am always overwhelmed by the amount of sky and space you can see, two of my favourite restaurants in the world are there (and both are cheap!), the sun will be up from c5am to 10pm, I will be able to wear jumpers, I will hopefully get to go on a boat and see whales, I will eat lots of fresh fish, even if it rains I will have plenty to do, mainly swimming in hot water, I will be able to sort out all my aches and pains under the waterfall at the Blue Lagoon and, most important of all, I know with certainty that as soon as I set foot on Iceland I will feel relaxed and far, far removed from all things that are stressing or bothering me.  Exactly how a holiday should be.  So ta-ra for ten days!


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