{30/08/2012}   Post-holiday

I am now into week two of being back from a lovely holiday.  Unusually for me, I am still feeling quite laid back and, particularly going by yesterday’s sloppy “whatever” attitude to work, I am not yet in work mode.  Admittedly, I have had more time off as I’ve had friends visiting and courts are still largely on holiday but I am still clinging desperately to a not-seen-enough chilled out me.

As I so often hear, you need a holiday to recover from a holiday.  I’ve not really had that problem this year, though it may have helped that I only had one day’s work the first week I was back and because I had friends staying I knew I had to unpack, wash, tidy, clean, etc, so kind of did it without the usual stress and procrastination.  I also took the opportunity to wash most of my clothes while on holiday, meaning some clothes were merely transferred from suitcase to wardrobe, a huge novelty.

Also, I always love getting home, sleeping in my own bed, having a large choice of clothes (fortunately holiday clothes usually cater for a different climate than home so even if there’s washing to be done, you still have a full season-appropriate wardrobe), having cat-pleased-to-see-me affection and a really, really good mug of tea.

However, while contemplating how it is that I still feel a bit like I’m in holiday mode, I have realised a few other things, namely that I am writing this from my second adopted home, in London, so I am not faced with a washing basket of clothes, sheets and towels, I didn’t check email while away and still haven’t addressed or even read a lot of emails, I have managed not to do a big supermarket shop (meaning I haven’t spent a huge amount of money in one foul swoop or had to find homes for all the myriad things I convince myself I’d been starved of while on holiday – I treat shop big time after a holiday – and I don’t have a fridge or kitchen full of perishables that in reality I won’t have time or inclination to eat before they expire and I am burdened with the guilt of wasted food (yes, this really is how my post-holiday world rolls!)) and it’s school holidays, the Paralympics and I got a seat on the train in both morning and evening rush hour.  It’s all good really.

I have known some friends to fly back home in the morning and go straight in to work.  I can see that recovering from jetlag and lack of sleep is better done while being paid and not losing a day’s precious holiday, but surely that must merely serve to eradicate all sense of holiday relaxation.  I like to have time to sort my stuff and de-holiday slowly while at the same time enjoying being in my own space.

I had a memorably relaxing holiday in Iceland and I should shut up about all this and just enjoy the fact that a week and a half later I still feel the benefits of having been away.  I am of course planning future holidays in my spare time now: Denmark next month and Reykjavik for new year … if all goes to plan!


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