{07/09/2012}   Diminished alcohol tolerance

After a mere two pints and a shot of black Sambuca last night, I feel most put out to have a morning headache that can only be attributed to a hangover.  What has happened to my tolerance levels?  I shouldn’t be feeling hung over.  I am going to have a think about this and see if I can work out an unscientific, unresearched theory on my alcohol tolerance levels.

Maybe the Sambuca tipped me over the edge?  Maybe the beer was stronger than I realised?  I know these are not viable reasons, for at no point did I actually feel drunk beyond getting a bit more yabbery than normal.  One pint wasn’t even a pint, it was a bit less as it was from a can.  Oh dear.

We ate a fair bit of food over quite a long time, incidentally a delightfully authentic Japanese restaurant on Goodge Street.  We all had one drink at a pub before dinner, one drink with dinner and the final drink at another pub.  This all seems perfectly acceptable and I am most put out to have this wretched headache.  It’s the kind that hasn’t shifted despite a couple of paracetamol.  It’s not really bad, it just covers a small part of my head above one eye and is serving to remind me I am not as easily repairable post-alcohol as I once was.  Probably this is my body’s way of saying it tolerated student-esque alcohol consumption for quite some years and now considers it’s done enough and will punish me at a far earlier stage from now on.

I have now finished a restorative tea but still have the headache/hangover.  I’m wondering if a fry up is the order of the day, but I have a headache so don’t want to go to the effort (going to the shop or to a caff) and anyway I actually don’t fancy that and this is not an all-consuming hangover that requires large quantities of salty, fatty food.  Sometimes, I appal myself that I can sound as pathetic as I do and that I put this “out there” for other people to see how truly useless I can be.  It’s just a piffling headache caused by … see, herein lies my issue: how on earth can two pints and a shot be excessive, particularly as there was food consumed?  Surely one incy wincy shot of Sambuca mixed with the two beers I’d had earlier doesn’t constitute a mixing your drinks no-no?

I suppose there is a chance my hangover is dehydration based.  I went out last night feeling thirsty, “forgot” to have some water before I consumed the first pint and only had one small glass of water after my Sambuca.  I then didn’t have any water before I went to bed and have this morning had a pint of squash and mug of tea and do feel a tad thirsty.  I did go through a phase of matching the volume of alcohol I consumed with water.  I do think it helped quite significantly, if only because the water stage slowed things down somewhat so left longer gaps between alcoholic drinks!

I think I should cull my pathetic whines about feeling hung over and conclude that I should have drunk water and that it’s good to have a lower hangover threshold – incidentally, how much would you expect to pay, in a central London pub, for a pint of lager and a double Bombay Sapphire and tonic?  I am clearly out of touch because I was expecting change from a tenner.  It came to £12.  Outrageous.  So drink less alcohol, drink more tap water, save money and don’t get a hangover!  Easy.


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