{09/09/2012}   What to do with CDs

I have hundreds of CDs, most of which are largely coated in a thick layer of dust.  Since my first ever CD, which was Sam Brown’s Stop album, I have bought all kinds of CDs and have always enjoyed having a fairly eclectic collection to suit my mood.  There may be a lot of CDs that were duff buys or which merely suited a certain phase or fad in my life, but they are still there.  My CD collection, a lot of which is on display in my lounge, is a reflection of my ever changing musical interest and I don’t want to get rid of it, but I just don’t listen to CDs except in my car and occasionally on my very dated and temperamental hi fi.  So what should I do with them while I am in mind to clear and get rid of excessive stuff.

I do still buy CDs, indeed I bought two albums last month, and I have never bought an album from iTunes or equivalent, though I have bought a few songs when I’ve discovered that the album doesn’t interest me.  The two recent purchases are now in my car, having first been transferred to my PC.  Therein lies the issue with CDs.  I like that I can choose which tracks from which albums I want on my mobile music devices, these days my mobile phone.  I never had a CD Walkman but I did have a portable MD player.  When downloading music became pretty much the norm, mini discs, which I think were a great idea, fell by the wayside.  MD players were, for me, the new mix tape player and it was great making my own albums.  But with MP3 players all that was so much easier and more flexible and more high tech  so MDs kind of came a bit too late.

But back to CDs.  I use them to get my music onto my PC so I can then listen to them on mobile devices.  I still enjoy the packaging, the booklet and the whole process of taking out a disc and inserting it into a player.  I also like listening to a CD and having the case next to me and looking at the name of it or even the lyrics if they’re in the booklet.  It feels like you’re really listening to and appreciating the tracks and the album as a whole.

I used to go into Tower Records on Piccadilly and spend hours in there listening to CDs and I would always come away feeling satisfied with my purchases and having enjoyed just listening to music and feeling that I’d discovered new bands or singers.  I know you can do that easier by listening to samples online but there is something about taking the time to go into a big record store and seeing all the CDs alphabetically stored in genres and then looking at the covers and hoping the one you like is a good album.  I don’t get that same buzz from looking at album covers on a computer screen, and don’t even register them most of the time.  Also, the staff at such music stores really knew their music and could advise on all manner of things.  I used to love doing that.

Another tangent and still not solving my what-to-do-with-my-CDs dilemma.  However, I sold a few to an online company that buy your old CDs and DVDs but I only sold about 20 and found it totally disheartening to only get 30p per CD when I know a lot of them cost well over £10 and are in good condition.  Oh, I really don’t know.

Maybe part of my reluctance to get rid of them is thinking that it will be letting go of a part of my history, my musical interests; like books, they are on display in your home and reflect your interests and character.  Maybe also I don’t want to get rid of things that are in perfect working order and get little or no money back from them (I would most likely give them to a charity shop though).  Maybe I should just dust them and make them look more appealing and less relic-like?!


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