{15/09/2012}   The shock of summer to autumn

I am a cold weather person, I feel uncomfortable in hot weather and anyway I genuinely have a defective internal heating system that is permanently on high.  That said, I love sunshine and I can tolerate a bit of heat if I’m suitably attired and not on public transport/shopping/at work/moving.  However, last week I had outside doors open and pleasant warm air wafted into my lounge.  It was sunny on Thursday this week so I opened the doors while it was sunny and it was undeniably chilly.  Somewhere in the past week, I feel it has become autumn.

On the discovery of this chilly air, I had a good look around at the gardens I back onto and I realised there are crispy leaves under the trees and the green on the trees is punctuated by a few blotches of brown.  Autumn is a dramatic and beautiful month, it’s just that for the first time I can remember, I’m not ready to welcome it yet.

Summer has not been too bad for me (seriously, I get hot and uncomfortable at a very low temperature and I am almost only the only person sweating furiously on the train even when I haven’t just run for the train), but I guess even I welcome the warmth you associate with summer.  Or maybe it’s more the sightings of the sun that I welcome, and it hasn’t really been on display as much as you’d hope and expect over the official three months of summer from June to September.

Yesterday, without thinking about it until afterwards, I bought a fleece.  Admittedly, I had gone into a clothing store to look for a plain white t-shirt but was confronted with winter clothes so it was probably more a trigger to remind me I didn’t have a fleece for winter rather than that I went out specifically to buy a fleece in winter clothes shopping mode.  When I got home, I cut off the labels, stroked it (I love soft fleeces!), folded it and opened my wardrobe to put it in my winter pile.  Two things then struck me: I didn’t have a winter pile; but the wardrobe shelf was full.  I then immediately had a millisecond burst of excitement, a kind of, “Oo, I haven’t worn them in ages”; a new clothes type excitement.  Then I had a real shock at the reality which is that I had worn just one thing from that summer pile of clothes (not t-shirts, more beachy floaty tops and skirts) and that it was now possibly time to put them away until next summer.  That’s not right, is is?

I have always favoured winter wardrobes more than summer ones, but that isn’t remotely the point.  I know we have erratic, unpredictable weather, we are after all an island, but over the last few years I feel that the boundaries between seasons  have been blurred somewhat and the weather is even more unpredictable and prone to extremes than ever  before, and, not to get all Greenpeace on you, as far as I’m concerned this is as a result of forces way beyond my comprehension and I do find it more unsettling than I like to acknowledge.

As for the onset of autumn, once I acclimatise and wear socks and a cardi or thin jumper about my home, I will be okay about the chill factor, but I refuse  point blank to put any heating on until at least October, and that’s a whole month before my previous heating target!


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