{16/09/2012}   Deciding what to wear

Yesterday, I spent almost an hour choosing what to wear.  I was going to France for the day with a friend and we’d planned to get picnic food, have a feast on the beach, go for a big supermarket shop and take lots of photos (we don’t meet up very often and this is a birthday day out).  So it could have been windy and a bit chilly sitting on the beach for a few hours, but probably warm in the car and if there were sun but no wind, it might have been sunbatheable at a stretch, and as there would be photos it needed to be something that looked ok and supermarkets are always chilly.   Finally, I opted for layers, but it really was a struggle.

My preferred outfit was a short sleeved black top with white patterns on it.   I thought I had the top sorted, until I realised that it would be a bit sad going to France, very much Brit abroad, wearing a top covered in little Eiffel Towers!  I’d say that would have been on a par going to France wearing a navy and striped t-shirt, a beret and a string of garlics around my neck!

The what to wear dilemma annoys me no end, I can never quite understand why some days I love wearing X but on other days it feels horribly wrong and sometimes looks hideous and sometimes flattering.  I guess it has as a lot to do with your mood, hair, what or where it is you’re dressing for.  But it’s still annoying that even my most frequently worn, favourite clothes sometimes don’t work.

I used to have a t-shirt I loved and I wore it loads, then one day it stopped looking good and soon after, with heavy heart, I threw it away (it was quite worn so not charity shop suitable).  There are lots of photos of me wearing that t-shirt and in some it looks fine, but in later ones it didn’t look right.  I think my body shape has changed a lot over the years so I suppose that is probably a contributing factor, added to which it was only a fitted cotton t-shirt so it will have changed shape too.

But if you don’t trust what you see of yourself in the mirror, you won’t feel relaxed or comfortable.  Sometimes I go out to the local shop wearing scruffs, ie what I’ve been slouching in at home.  I did that recently and was bedecked in clothes for dirty chores, most notably very old jogging bottoms with one leg partially bleached and a top that was far too tight/small (ie clothes you didn’t mind getting dirty in).  It was quite early in the morning and I was only walking round the corner to move my car.  But as soon as I got outside and felt committed to my errand, I saw people walking towards me, nice people wearing nice clothes.  I felt wretched.  I know it’s silly, I mean they were total strangers, but I looked and felt really horrible.  After that, I vowed to always go out in clothes I would have no reason to be embarrassed being seen in.  So with that scenario again, I really would get changed into jeans and a t-shirt, for example.

Similarly, it’s horrible to be overdressed.  The point really is that I want to feel like I blend in and don’t stand out too much.  I mean, I’m happy to wear bright colours (glasses, clothes, jewellery) but not to be wearing clothes unsuitable for the occasion, ie I don’t mind standing out for “interesting” fashion sense but I do mind looking like a scruff at a posh venue or looking posh in McDonald’s.

I do think your overall attire is your packaging.  A bunch of roses look nice but with pretty paper and ribbon they look complete; you can’t see the knobbly bits on the stalk and they are displayed to show them in all their glory.  So I think I was right to faff and dither yesterday, I just wish it hadn’t taken so much of my morning!  In the end, I was about right: the supermarket was chilly, the car warm, the beach very warm  but wispy cloud cover made it chilly and the wind was a little cool; layers on and off all day.  The only fail came with the photos and that neither of us can agree on a nice one of both of us!  But that’s probably not the fault of my clothing choice!


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