{19/09/2012}   When work issues consume you

Yesterday, as with many days of late, I found myself in a work-induced rage.  My current issue is regarding the repayment of expenses.  It’s not my chuffing fault Switzerland is so expensive or that I am unaware of arbitrary rule changes.  However, this is not meant to be a specific rant, more an airing of views where work stresses are concerned.

Speaking to friends who do different jobs, it seems that everyone I have spoken to of late has issues with work, usually around the inappropriate/unprofessional behaviour of fellow employees or, more often, people’s bosses.  Recently I have heard of bullying bosses who have got away with it, people blacklisted from work for completely unjustified reasons, glory-seeking bosses, idea thieves, delayed payment, undue pressure to work long hours, not treating people according to their role and position, corporate hurdles that are more like brick walls and unreasonable demands about work location and changing shifts/work patterns, often accompanied by pay cuts.  Seriously, I’ve been shocked by how many of my friends are stressed at work because of some of the above issues and stresses.

It’s a really rubbish time for most of us financially and diminished job security doesn’t help.  But all the above issues are unnecessary additions to our already stressful working lives.  I find it infuriating that so many people seem to have dreadful bosses, whose rise through the ranks is unfathomable.  For these people, the issue seems usually to be around their people skills, not always just their work-specific skills.  But it is people that can make a job or work ok.  I mean, I can have a really awful day but when everyone you work with is friendly, considerate, chatty and amenable, things don’t seem as bad.  But the bad day coupled with even just one “bad egg” can make things so much worse and so much more consuming.

I resent finishing work, getting home or going out and feeling a need to rant to anyone who will listen.  It is not nice for your friends and family who endure this and it is also not nice for them to see how stressed you are.  I am not referring to me now, though that has been the case in the past; fortunately, I finally came to my senses and changes were made.  But for a lot of people, it seems their hands are tied behind their backs and they are worried about rocking the boat of their already shaky job security.  These are things that make me incredibly angry.  A friend the other day was telling me how her boss has essentially managed to drive out half the work force, albeit of a small group, with her disgraceful bullying and lying tactics.  Somehow this person got promoted to a job with power and a good salary and even higher powers seem to be turning a blind eye.

I wish I had suggestions or could lead a revolt against poor, challenging and thoroughly unacceptable management and undue work stresses put on people.  It is horrible to spend your free time consumed by work stresses that just shouldn’t burden you outside of work.  But from all my rants and moans of late, it seems you are not alone.



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