{21/09/2012}   People-watching out my window

I live on the top floor of a Victorian house which backs onto large private gardens/a small park that is for the use of everyone, including me, who backs onto it.  I’ve lived here over a year now and realise I know a fair bit about some people’s routine or habits.  I see a possible film from this, though it’s not exactly Hitchcock’s Rear Window in the excitement stakes!

Someone has a chubby brown and white cocker spaniel who has a permanently bandaged “useless” back leg.  The dog seems happy and enjoys three-legged running around.  I am always amazed by animals who just get on with the joys of sniffing and running despite, for example, missing or malfunctioning limbs.  He seems like a sweet dog and I like seeing him running around.

The man who has just left the park now is quite tall and seems to go into the gardens wearing a suit.  Before work he’s with a dog and after work he’s usually with his children and the dog.  Maybe he sometimes doesn’t wear a suit but I only recognise him in a suit.

One hot, sunny Sunday morning, maybe 8-8.30am, I spotted a man, probably in his early 30s, wearing a t-shirt and shorts exiting his garden and walking straight across the grass for maybe 10m.  He was armed with a newspaper.  He then plonked himself on the grass and proceeded to read the paper.  Within minutes, a similar man exited his garden a few doors down and walked maybe 15m across the grass, armed with a paper, which he then sat down to read.  If I am not mistaken, clues from what I could see of the gardens of the houses they came from, they both had wives and children in the house.  Hmmm.

There is a family a few doors the other way and quite often two children from there and one from somewhere else go cycling around the gardens.  One of the little girls is hideously bossy and shouty to her friend and can only ever be in front as they cycle around.  I wish the other girl would find a nicer and better play mate.

As for the houses, one evening there was a power cut in my flat but I thought it might just have been my flat due to a surge.  I looked out and realised everyone was affected as some residents to one side of my vision usually have a massive flat screen TV on, usually a largely green-screened sport.  It was off, so easy to conclude there was a power cut.

One lot of people have a very fancy garden shed.  I am convinced it’s a little study.  As soon as it gets dark an outrageously bright light comes on.  It ruins things for me.  I have often thought about disabling that light.

Not so long ago, one family bought a large trampoline.  I can see that these are fun things to have, but I would have fun for a maximum of five minutes before collapsing on an exhausted heap.  After an hour, they were still bouncing and squealing.  I suspected summer would be a riot of trampoline noises, but, unsurprisingly, that was soon laid to rest.  Similarly, some children made a rope swing off the branches of trees.  There was much excitement for up to a week, but all has fallen silent with the rope swing too!

I really like having that space at the back of my flat and it’s nice to see and hear people enjoying being outdoors.  I have been in it once, merely to walk across it and see my house from that side.  I always thought I’d sit in it and read a book, instead I have become a curtain twitcher and merely look at it!



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