{22/09/2012}   Comfort snacks and drinks

I required comfort yesterday and found myself seeking solace in a morning cappuccino (at home) and chocolate digestives.  A new comfort snack, but a good one.  It made me realise that there are moments in life that require a snack, nibble or drink to calm the nerves, or whatever!  I’ve thought a lot about comfort food, but comfort snacks are a bit of a revelation to me.

If things are not going well, a Snickers bar will do the trick.  Maybe it’s the mix of nuts, caramel and dense calorific substance to a Snickers bar.  I only ever have them for emergencies and they always perk me up no end.

As an afternoon hug, a good strong cup of tea with a Flake bar is always a winner.

For evening comfort, I am thinking that I have had dry roasted peanuts (always poured from bag to bowl, never eaten from a bag) a fair few times.  There is also the possibility of a beer accompaniment.

Ferrero Rocher are also extremely good comfort snacks, possibly for similar reasons to Snickers bars.  However, the big problem with Ferrero Rocher is that just one, two, three, four, five … are not enough.  I can plough my way through them and before I know it my comfort joy has degenerated into a possible puke scenario, which pretty much wipes out the early comfort.  I should invest in the three-packs and have done with it.  I recently found myself in possession of a box of 16 and before I knew it the top layer was demolished.  A matter of minutes later and I was feeling sicky and craving vegetables; serves me right, I know.  Restraint is paramount.

Some people are most annoying in their, “Oh, I just need an apple”.  This is tosh.  An apple is only good if it is accompanied by cheese, ideally a generous slab of Cheddar.  Likewise, celery munchers; dip it (slather it) in peanut butter and we’re talking comfort lovin’, but on its own … the mind boggles, that stuff on its own equates to minus calories for a reason.

I did for a while get a weekly Graze box.  I found this very exciting, but the grazings served merely as snacks, rather than genuine comfort snacks.  Chocolate-coated raisins versus a chocolate digestive?  For me it’ll be the digestive every time.  Not that I’m that into chocolate digestives, mind you, there is just something familiar about them, a bit of childhood biscuit nostalgia.  Likewise Wagon Wheels, but it transpires they actually taste of old chocolate, stale biscuit and mildly sweet foam and I have never tasted the jam in the fancy ones; huge disappointment.

That’s what it is for me though, I’ve just realised, it’s the childhood connection.  We didn’t used to have many snacks about the house so they were always treats so maybe that’s why I, and probably many others, find comfort in snacks from childhood; little pick-me-ups.  This also matches my unexpected delight at being offered a Chocolate Orange Club (I would rather it had been a mint one though!) recently.  With a mug of tea it gave me that contented cat-with-cream feeling.  Mmm.


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