{25/09/2012}   Copenhagen: expectations

I will be holidaying from my blog tomorrow until Monday as I will be in Copenhagen with a good friend.  We will be eating lunch at Noma on Friday, about which I will be passing commentary on when I get back!  I have only been to Copenhagen once, when I was 18, and I didn’t like it much.  So I thought I’d write here what I expect from Copenhagen through proper adult eyes.

At 18, my backpacking friend and I spent a very long, wet day in Copenhagen.  I remember the Tivoli Gardens looking quite bleak (October), the Little Mermaid was covered in graffiti, the harbour area was pretty but that not much else was pretty.  The whole city was probably ruined for me because of the combination of rain and falling ungracefully, unflatteringly flat on my backpack-laden back and squashing a bag of tomatoes I had attached to the backpack.  The tomato mess was altogether too much for me!

My friend and I are staying on a very modern and incredibly funky-looking house boat a bit out of the centre.  This alone could promote Copenhagen from being near the bottom of my favourite places list to near the top.  I have always wanted to stay on a house boat.

As for the city, I am expecting interesting architecture, quite a lot of water, trees in the central areas and lots of furniture shops selling classic and contemporary wood-based furniture.  I am fully expecting prices to be on a par with Stockholm, which is distressing.  I am hoping there will be lots of bakeries so I can establish whether Danish pastries will be called “Danish pastries” or just “pastries”.  I have thought about this more often than I would like to admit!

We will be eating at Noma, something I am ludicrously excited about and which I will devote a whole blog post to next week!  There have been things on the menu over the preceding weeks that I have struggled with: live shrimps, served in a sealed jar full of ice, blueberries with ants (I hope there are toothpicks at the ready!) and fish foam.  I am expecting Noma to be an experience rather than a favourite-food restaurant.

As for other food, I’m not actually sure what to expect.  For some reason, I don’t think it will be that similar to Swedish food.  I think bread will feature with most meals and I think there will be emphasis on fish and berries.  I have high hopes for good coffee and pastries!

I think the people will be friendly, the city will be clean and I am hoping there will be a good water bus service.  I reckon most people will speak “a little English”, which actually means they are reasonably fluent.  I also think if we see the Little Mermaid again, it will still be disappointing.  Apparently there will be rain and temperatures around 11 degrees centigrade, possibly on a par with my October experience 19 years ago.

However, as I’m going with a good friend, we’re staying on a boat and we’re eating in the world’s best restaurant (I have packed suitably stretch clothes in optimistic anticipation of a hearty meal) I’m confident we’ll have an amazing few days!


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