{06/10/2012}   Keeping restaurant business cards

I always used to scoff at people who kept business cards for restaurants, hotels, etc, that they visited; surely something to fill up your wallet unnecessarily then be found years later being used as a bookmark in an unfinished book.  I am now properly into collecting cards from places I visit that I like, but only the ones I like enough to want to revisit.  This is all part of my relatively new vaguely organised, ever so slightly anal way of doing things.  I now have a travel journal, that was an up-to-now unused Christmas present, in which I have started sticking such cards and even writing a bit about them.

I very much like my travel journal, though it only has a few cards stuck in it.  It’s a reflection of how unexciting my morning ahead is that I am looking forward to sticking cards from my recent Copenhagen trip into it after I’ve written this!  I started it in November after I got back from Chicago.  As I am adamant that I will one day have my own cafe, I visited loads of cafes in Chicago, some of which were recommendations from the people I stayed with.  I am hoping this means I will get to revisit them or if some poor friend of mine announces they are going to Chicago, I will be able to inundate them with good cafes and one breakfast place in particular (I even have a massive menu, a reflection of the portion sizes!).

I have always loved notebooks, particularly scrapbook kind of notepads.  There is something about notebooks with things stuck in them that makes me feel creative and interesting!  It really annoys me when I forget the name or location of places I’ve been to and either want to recommend to them to friends or go again myself.  I am now remedying that by slowly filling the pages of a notebook I can’t think how I would otherwise have used, and at the same time making myself feel creative and interesting for having a scrapbooky notebook!

Now that I am obsessed by coffee, I feel I have a purpose in a new city, to find a great coffee place.  By doing this, for example in Chicago and in Copenhagen, I have discovered some areas of both cities that I otherwise would never have gone to.  In Chicago, I discovered an area in a triangle between Division Street and Damen, Wicker Park, that I really liked and which I wouldn’t have gone to without being on a mission to find two particular cafes and a bakery.  I ended up going there twice and drinking as much coffee as I could consume without becoming delirious and jittery.  I then found lots of quirky shops and it was a really interesting neighbourhood.  Likewise, on a hunt for a particular cafe, The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, I found Jægersborggade, a gem of a street that there is no way we would ever have walked along in the Nørrebro area of the city even if we had decided to visit the area.

I am now chomping at the bit to get on with my business card sorting, sticking and labelling.  It may be at least marginally sad but I don’t care;  it’s making me think of some of the lovely places I visited and it means that if I’m ever fortunate enough to go back, I at least know where there should still be a cafe or restaurant worth going to and which I can find information on in my geeky “Travel Journal”!


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