{10/10/2012}   Cosmetic surgery v accepting wrinkles and droops

I am not contemplating plastic surgery and neither do I think I will resort to what I consider drastic measures to cling onto a youthful look, but I am starting to ponder how I will be able to stop eyelid droop.  My dad had eyelid droop and I can see I have his eye features.  I am not enthusiastic about this development and have been wondering if there is anything I can do now to perk my eyes up a bit so as not to allow unnecessary and excessive sagging.

I am hoping to wrinkle and droop with good grace and to be young in every other way (well, where the mindset is concerned) and I am not complaining about the wrinkles and downward trend that is already kicking in.  I just feel there must be something I can do to keep things a little more perky.  I have tried the Croydon facelift, ie hair tied back so tight that the skin on your face is pulled back with it.  This does not work for me because I have always had a spam (hee, hee, that still makes me giggle!) so it looks awful.  It also gives me a dreadful headache and makes me stroke my hair back so much that it ends up looking greasy within hours of having washed it.  I have tried eye creams that offer immediate results.  I have never seen years fall off me, having merely applied some over-priced cream.  I have tried potato slices (good for de-puffing, apparently) but I hate the starchy feel and I fear it is more messy than it is effective.  I have tried not smiling at people, for smiles emphasise lines.  In reality, I think smile lines are great and I am proud to have some.  I have even tried talking to people with my head leaning on my hand in such a way as to force the skin slightly upward.  I think this could be effective, but I suspect it’s not subtle and when one finds one has to move, the effect is ruined.  It’s ever so time consuming and stressful to be vain!

As for my skin, it doesn’t ping back into place at the speed I would like.  After a lifetime of no body moisturiser, except for special occasions, I am contemplating a body moisturising routine.  I think I should have been doing that for years so I am a bit behind with skin hydration.  But of nip and tuck?  The thought makes me want to hug my saggy and wrinkly bits and reassure them we will never be parted.  Why anyone would resort to surgery is beyond me, though I do appreciate there are exceptions which are not related to attempting to cheat the ageing process.  I have seen people who have had cosmetic surgery and it drives me mad if people deny they’ve had it when they blatantly have.  If you’re going to do it, at least admit to it.  The thing I find most odd is that people who have, say, a face lift do not seem to realise that their face may look taut and like the shocked face of a statue in the death throes (they think it makes them look wrinkle-free and youthful) but their neck or hands in particular can give them away.  I would rather look 70 and be 70 (but it would be nice to look 65 at 70!) than to have parts of me look 50, parts 40, parts 70 and parts 85 from the stress of all the deceit and surgery!

Not a tough choice but even if I were offered cosmetic surgery by the best surgeon in the world free of charge for life, I am optimistic that I would never say yes to it.  But for now, anyone got any recommendations for super-hydrating, skin perking-up creams, potions or alternative hair dos for a Folkestone facelift?!


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