{13/10/2012}   When a day goes from bad to worse and ends with printer issues

Yesterday was not my favourite day ever, though admittedly I have had far worse days.  Yesterday’s low points centred around financial revelations of a most distressing variety (where have all my earnings gone this year?!), my car’s expensive MOT failure and then, to top it all off, my printer went off on one, printing HUNDREDS of pages of gibberish that I couldn’t terminate and which meant I had to keep re-feeding the already ruined previously blank pages and then endure the “need more paper” pips and beeps that, when one is in a ratty mood, merely serve to drive one to foul mood status.

Yesterday was very much a sort-my-shit kind of day.  I hadn’t needed to print anything and I should have known from previous experience (indeed detailed on my blog many months ago!) not to even turn my printer on when I’ve had a challenging day, but the printer churning noise coupled with printer pipping at the end of a stressful afternoon nearly resulted in a most unpleasant meltdown directed at poor Chris who had already endured a few bursts of rage (eg, “How can my sole occupancy metered water bill be £140” – I phoned them up and he confirmed price increases, etc, and that my bill was actually below average – and over my recent cheese theft incident, the outcome of which was not favourable and which resulted in a curt TripAdvisor review that just served to make me angry all over again).  When someone finds great amusement in the vision of you sitting in front of a PC looking harassed as your neighbouring printer is making a furious noise and shaking the table, I am sure you can appreciate some choice words were used.  I am not proud of such outbursts but, really, someone desperately trying not to snigger as pages and pages of gibberish are being churned out of your printer is just hugely irritating.

But, unexpectedly, the printer incident was the final low point in a whole flipping series of them.  After that, I collected my repaired car and, unusually, the quote I’d been given included the repairs, the MOT AND the VAT (usually the price I am given does not include VAT and I also thought the MOT would be on top of that amount).  Good karma because that was the third MOT centre I’d tried to book into yesterday and they were a family-run place and there were smiley, friendly staff there.  Chris and I then went to one of my favourite places in the whole world, Little Switzerland beach, and there was a beautiful early evening light and – surely a good omen – there was a double rainbow.  We then had cheap fizz and the Thomasina Miers’s chile con carne I prepared earlier in the day in my slow cooker.  So it didn’t end too badly and I did feel better by the evening.  But why does it seem that challenging issues present themselves in one foul swoop?  Come on rainbow, show me my pot of gold, I could really do with that right now!


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