{15/10/2012}   Some little chores I particularly wish I didn’t have to do

Yesterday, having repeatedly soaked and changed the water in a large tupperware box that had previously contained chilli con carne, I was overcome by how much I hate cleaning tupperware boxes that have that oily orange residue lining the inside and which makes the sponge orange and your hands greasy.  I always hope that soaking alone will miraculously clean away the horrible orange but it never does.  It is a job I particularly hate and, while I’d be happy never to wash up, more specifically it’s washing up orange stained tupperware that I hate.  So then I thought about other odd small things I particularly dislike doing.

I have always had a bit of a thing about wet hands and hair on my hands so removing hair from the plug hole is something I absolutely detest doing and I am quite pathetic about doing it.  But as I hate water backing up in the bath or wash basin when I know hair is the cause I feel the removal of hair is a regular necessity!  Anal?  Me?!

My laptop and PC keyboards get really grubby and I really don’t like them being so dirty but I really dislike cleaning keyboards as I can never get every nook and cranny cleaned and a thorough clean never means a satisfactory clean, which I find infuriating.

In my kitchen, a lot of my food stuff, storage containers, mixing bowls, etc, are on shelves rather than in cupboards.  Kitchens churn out grease and cleaning glass, china, tins, etc is something I really dislike doing.  All dust and floating bits get drawn to the grease that seems to fill the air and cover jars, etc, and I hate picking up a jar of, say, pasta and feeling the greasy, dusty jar.  But I also hate cleaning it as grease never comes off easily.

While I like rugs, vacuuming them is most unsatisfactory as I never seem to get all the bits out, particularly two woven rugs.  It would appear a recurring theme is that I don’t like chores that can’t be finished to perfection, or at least my not-quite-perfection standards.

I don’t like cleaning toilets but, far worse than toilets is cleaning baths.  Scrubbing and bending is probably what infuriates me about that chore and I also get a bit grossed out by scum marks and how much you sometimes have to scrub.

Another issue I have is with recycling.  I am quite good about separating things but my paper recycling is separate to cans, glass and plastics and I seem to accumulate an awful lot of paper and I have four different paper recycling bins and they get full and I get stressed about getting them downstairs and out on the right fortnight for recycling.  At present, it would take three up and downs my three flights of stairs to empty the house of paper recycling and this bothers me greatly.  Neurotic?!

Dusting.  It needs doing but it is tedious, makes me sneeze and I resent the whole process and, again, the fact you can never be dust free.  Especially with a cat in the house, though that’s more a fur issue!

And then I could go on and on and on about all the more normal chores that I hate but I suspect everyone feels the same about them!


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