{16/10/2012}   What do you wear in bed?

I have always loved the words “winceyette nightie” and that on hearing them I picture a long nightie made of soft fabric (man-made and highly flammable) with pinkish patterns and accompanying slippers of a very particular type.  Last week, I decided I wanted some winceyette pyjamas.  However, on reflection I decided I’m more of a cotton kinda lass and am now the proud owner of some white brushed cotton pyjamas with huge purple spots adorning them.  I then had a nightwear revelation, namely that it would appear I have different nightwear needs and standards depending on the time of year.

I went to TK Maxx on my winceyette quest.  I was amazed by how many different styles of nightwear there were available: button up pyjama tops with elasticated waist trousers (what I now have), virtually non-existent nighties which leave nothing to the imagination if you are tall and/or ample busted, long nightdresses in ghostly white cotton, shorts and vest tops, polyester, silk, viscose, cotton … the list really does go on.  I appreciate we are all different  but I also realise that I like to have different kinds of night wear.  For example, these new pjs replace a rather worn black pair, a long-sleeved top and baggy trousers, both of which I see as winter nightwear.  I also have a long black sleeveless nightie, but I changed from that to pyjamas because my arms kept getting cold.  I also have various pairs of shorts, with which I wear any old unmatching t-shirt or vest top, depending on the weather.  I have never been a fan of nudity for “ordinary” nights, partly because I’ve always held a belief that one should be ready for action in case of an emergency and in a fire, for example, I don’t want to be out on the street in the nuddy.

I went through quite a major satin phase many, many years ago.  It felt nice on the skin but I found it far too slippery in bed and I realised that I much prefer sleeping in, on and under natural fibres.  Silk is all very nice to touch, but that too is slippery.  So really, it’s all about cotton or bamboo for me.  My last black pyjamas were bamboo.  Apparently bamboo doesn’t absorb sweaty smells, so I thought that really would be the way forward, but I am not convinced that’s true!  I love the idea of bamboo though and it makes me think of bamboo forests and swishing and big pandas, and particularly that baby panda that’s on YouTube and who sneezes and scares his mum.  So sweet.  And all that loveliness just by virtue of being made of bamboo, so what’s not to love?

As for these brushed cotton spotty pyjamas, they are lovely and warm and when tucked in I feel like I’m in a onesie, which is a very comforting thought.  They are also extraordinarily unflattering.  I have realised that these are not pulling pjs and some aforementioned more skimpy nightwear should be to hand for any impromptu, ahem, visitors!  But for comfort and warmth, these are my winter winners … looking forward to putting them on and going back to bed already!


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