{22/10/2012}   When you are so tired you can barely stay awake

It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt as tired for the duration of a day as I felt yesterday.  I was aware I was blinking slower than normal, could barely conduct a conversation and was fairly rubbish at my job.  I don’t have young children, don’t have jet lag and hadn’t even had a late night or, as my mum might suggest, I hadn’t even been burning the midnight oil!  It’s a cruel fate to be that wretched in your tiredness.

I am in awe and respect of parents, particularly breast feeding mums, who manage to survive potentially years of merely snatched sleep.  Similarly, people who work long hours and fly a lot, you too have my respect and sympathy.

But for random days of bleugh, it is a shock and a horror. I slept very little, for no obvious reason, the night before, so I at least know that was the main cause.  However, I often sleep badly but feel nowhere near that dreadful.

I wrote “Mr Yuck” instead of “My Young”, randomly wrote “murder” in an inappropriate place (fortunately none of this was live but caused amusement to the editor who read it!) And managed to delete “strop” and “blob”, which were also very random. It wasn’t my finest steno day, to put it mildly. But at least it wasn’t particularly fast. It didn’t help that I was optimistic for a 1pm finish, which would have allowed me a mid afternoon snooze before going out (don’t even think of suggesting “midnight oil”, it is not that often I go out after work). They kept rattling on until about 4pm in a basement court that was stuffy and with no natural light.  Plus, it was incredibly dull.

What on earth can you do to stay alert? I had tried two coffees and two teas and was poised to resort to a third source of caffeine, a cola, but realised I was already a little giddy … just not wide awake in the productive sense, ie the body was buzzing but the head was not!

However things took a turn for the better after I downed a can of fizzy lemon drink, San Pellegrino. That was at about 5.30pm, before I met a friend shortly before 6. I was horrendously “Eh? You wha’?” When we first met up.  Then, it being a fancy champagne and oysters kinda’ night (this is how I wish I hung more often but, sadly, it’s only occasionally … actually, rarely, how I roll, hang and rock), I perked up a treat and before I knew it I was back to my humorous (or so I think, but isn’t that the point?!) self, wide awake, bushy tailed and alert like a meerkat!

So then we got a teensy bit pissed and I was alert the whole way home. So, my recommendations for a pick-me-up when you feel extraordinarily tired range from fizzy lemon drinks to champagne and oysters. Then, a bag of sweet and salty popcorn seemed to be the source of my alertness for the duration of my one-hour journey home.

I am so full of well researched advice and guidance!  But, seriously, the fizzy lemon, bubbly, oysters and salt and sweet popcorn made me into a far nicer, more lively, witty *snigger* person. I’m all for testing these “ingredients” again!  On the flip side, this morning, an earlier morning than normal, 6am alarm call, awake some time before, how do I feel?  Yeah, bloody knackered again and I didn’t even sleep that well!  Suggestions?  Champagne breakfast … if only to easy the possible hangover headache that’s lurking!  Should’ve stuck with the fizzy lemon pop, eh?!


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