{23/10/2012}   Painting nails on trains

There are a lot of things that annoy me, but one in particular I hate is women who paint their nails on trains or in public places.  The stench from those fumes drives me into a mild fury.  It is bad enough when people inflict the smell of pasties on you but I would rather a train full of pastie munchers than just one nail painter.  It stinks.  Oh, I am getting enraged again.  A nice-seeming woman sitting across the table from me on my morning train shortly before 7.30am yesterday sat down and immediately got out her nail varnish, chatted to her porridge-munching friend and proceeded to paint her nails.  Had it not been a fairly busy train, I may well have flounced off into another carriage, having first shared my views on public nail painting with her.  A shame I didn’t in a way because about 15 minutes later she did a second coat!  Can you imagine my indignation?

I recently moaned to a friend about someone else on a train who had painted her nails and fumed out the carriage.  My friend didn’t seem to object as much as I do and told me a friend of hers, who I know (a seemingly civilised person!), regularly paints her nails on the train.  I was very much outraged.  How can it not annoy everyone?  It is a chemical fume that intrudes up your nostrils and into your head and makes me feel slightly odd.  About three times a year I paint my own nails.  In my home, in private, with only myself to endure the fumes.  But somehow it’s worse on the inhalation front when somebody else is doing the painting.  Maybe it’s a psychological thing, ie it’s your choice to apply pongy paint to your nails so you deal with it.

I know it must be tiresome hearing my rants about things sometimes but I feel that people increasingly annoy me.  Society has changed a lot and I can appreciate we can all make good use of dead time, for example on trains, but why couldn’t pongy painter have done her nails at home and not inflicted the stench on everyone in the carriage?  Surely she must realise it is an offensive smell/fume releaser.

See, this all makes me sound like a moaning mini. But what’s wrong with a good book on the train, something unintrusive? She might as well have been smoking a cigarette, though at least the polish stench doesn’t infiltrate the fibres of your clothing as well!  Oh, to hear myself, I sound like a miserable old woman constantly moaning, but, really, I find nail polish a most noxious, foul and intrusive smell and it really annoys me that people think it’s ok to apply it in a confined space … so there.


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