{25/10/2012}   Sunday morning newspaper reading

Most Saturday nights I contemplate getting up early the next morning to get a Sunday paper.  About three times a year, I do get a Sunday paper but probably only once a year does the reading of it match my lovely vision of papers, breakfast, tea, later coffee and lounging.  Today I will not be getting a paper, but I am considering my newspaper idyll perception.

I have this recurring image of clean white bed linen (impractical for newspapers in bed when you think about it!), a couple sitting in bed with the Sunday papers covering the bed, a cat or dog sitting on the bed, a cafetiere of coffee, the crumbs from the morning’s breakfast croissants and blue sky and sunshine coming through the window.  I fear at some point I was brainwashed into hankering after a middle class idyll.

While I do love the idea of a lazy Sunday like this, the reality never seems as good.  I have developed a sitting-around guilt.  It’s not that I feel I should be doing chores, it’s that I feel I should be doing something more worthwhile, like going out.  In reality, reading a paper (dependent slightly on the quality of the paper as I suspect the Sunday People is a bit of a cop out, not that I’ve ever even read it) is mind exercise.  So a few hours in the morning reading the paper and Sunday supplements is surely a good thing.  It just feels a bit decadent, which I know is ridiculous.

My Sunday realityis quite often a c9am get-up (though with the niggle I could and should have got up at 7, so by 9 I feel lazy), doing very little, often reading a bit of news online, pottering about with breakfast and an 11am contemplation on how to spend the day.  The lesson here is that I should get dressed at 7, walk c5 minutes to the nearest shop, get the paper and some croissants and be back in bed with tea, breakfast and the papers by 7.30, getting up at c9.30 and feeling more up to date on current affairs and like I’ve done something far more productive and enjoyable than lying in bed hoping I will fall asleep again and wake up refreshed and positively raring to go.

Another option could be to get the paper in the afternoon for pre-dinner down time, a time that I can easily waste, particularly on a Sunday.  However, I have a real problem reading newspapers after the morning because I have a major psychological issue about reading old news!  It’s enough of an issue that the papers are printed the night before!  Crikey, this blog malarky is revealing too many of my rants and idiosyncracies!  Writing this makes me wonder if anyone else shares my Sunday paper issues and images!

As for today, I will not be getting the paper because I have a friend staying and we are going out for adventures and excitement and have a whole extra hour thanks to the clocks changing.


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