{30/10/2012}   Piling clothes on chairs

As a child I was incredibly messy.  It has been, indeed is, hard work but I am much tidier than I used to be.  Except where clothes are concerned.  I have a large blanket box and a small comfy chair in my bedroom.  To see the surface of either through mounds of my clothes is very unusual.  I have no idea why I can just about keep the rest of my home tidy, just not where clothes are concerned.

Looking around my bedroom now, the chair and blanket box are covered and there are a few piles on the carpet too.  One of the blanket box mounds is a pile of clean clothes that need putting away.  It really annoys me that I have never managed to put clothes away as soon as they are removed, whether back into the wardrobe or straight into the laundry basket, or when they are in a basket, having just been washed or dried.  However, I do actually manage to put underwear straight into the basket or back into its home where appropriate, so it really is just outer clothes.

Is the clothes thing just a reminder that I once was very messy or is it just a reflection of my attitude towards clothing, which isn’t that great!  I have never been particularly interested in fancy walk-in wardrobes or special shoe cupboards, etc.  I suppose it probably is, to an extent, a reflection of my lack of interest in clothes.  As a rule, I wear them because I want to and have to.  Of course I want to present myself well but I don’t think that’s how I usually choose what to wear.  I have always believed I am one of those people who can have a beautiful suit and shirt, for example, that on one person can look really smart and striking, but on me I will still look ever so slightly scruffy.  Hmm, maybe that’s because if it were my suit it would have been dumped unceremoniously on a chair at some point so would be ever so slightly creased?!  I am not a clothes horse and I don’t get particularly excited about clothes.  Likewise, I have never lingered over fashion pages, have no interest in spending designer money on designer clothes and am not big on matching.  So, yes, I guess my treatment of my clothes probably is a reflection of my attitude to clothes.

However, it really is annoying that I do the clothes dump thing!  Now I’ve written this, I am going to have to tidy them away.  But it really is a chore that I don’t want to do at all.  It’s also something I write on pretty much every To Do list I write, “Put clothes away”.  I have also just registered that I have a load of dry clothes hanging up to add to the piles of clothes in my bedroom.  Oh how doubly annoying.

I think I’ll have a coffee to fuel me ready for the clothes-tidying session I am now going to have to endure … if I can do it uber fast before I head off for the train.  Excuses, excuses!


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