{31/10/2012}   The joy of owning a standard lamp

I am now the very proud owner of a standard lamp.  I had been looking half-heartedly for one for years and I’d even bid on a few at auction, but they always got snapped up and/or were expensive.  The other day, I found this one for £40, rewired and with the wood in good condition.  I didn’t buy it.  I then went home and looked on eBay, where I discovered they are quite expensive, so I went back to the shop and got the £40 one for £35.  You probably can’t imagine how excited I am about it.

Last night, I sat on this comfy (but ugly) chair, put my feet on the foot rest I’ve borrowed from my mum, switched the standard lamp on, put my chocolate cake and tea on a little table next to the sofa, wrapped myself in the blanket, Izzy the cat sat on my lap and I had an overwhelming “aaaaaaahhhhhhhh” feeling, the kind that only a simple pleasure like a standard lamp, comfy chair, cat on lap, cake and tea can elicit.  I was so happy, warm and content.  Only problem was it was only 7pm and it all made me incredibly sleepy.

Standard lamps remind me of Friends in the opening sequence when they’re in the coffee shop and there is a standard lamp by the sofa (have I remembered that correctly?!).  It also reminds me of my mum’s lounge as there has always been a standard lamp there and mum hates using the main lights.  It’s a cosy and comforting connection.  I keep staring at the lamp with its rich brown, simply carved stand.  It amazes me that something like that can make me smile and want it to be dark so I can use it.

I think I have been getting a bit misty eyed recently and far too influenced by idyllic images of reading papers in bed and hunkering down at home.  I feel like a Christmas card picture.  Next, I’ll be wanting a big fireplace, the mantelpiece of which I can lean my elbow on as a whippet curls up in front of the fire … no, I don’t think that’s right, that’s not what ladies do, that’s men with flat caps and shooting rifles hanging above the fireplace.  No, stop, it’s all wrong, I am perhaps a bit more modern than I think!

Back to my standard lamp, while I may be sniggered at for such a lamp love-in, it is far more effective than ceiling lights when you want to read.  It creates a feeling of being bathed in gentle light that is far better directed at what you’re doing on your lap, eg eating cake, than a mere light from the ceiling.  It really is quite a joy to behold and to sit under, though I fear my evening social life may suffer and I run the risk of being a bit of a lamp bore.  I am also now going to be on the look out for a nicer lamp shade, how exciting!


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