{22/11/2012}   Body temperature

I have hyperhidrosis, which basically means I overheat and sweat more than most people.  I have a few friends with Raynaud’s, pretty much the opposite syndrome.  I am currently struggling with the temperature outside versus the temperature on public transport.  Every day this week, I have spent the morning in a sweaty mess.  Looking around, I do not see others sweating.  I have also been in an office that is either icy cold or hot, the latter which seems to suit everyone else, the former which I can just about tolerate and which is better than the hot option.  I don’t know how people cope in offices or sharing a house with people whose body temperatures are so different.

I have the heating on quite low at home, but a few friends in particular come round and end up looking really cold.  A conversation may then ensue about our differing body temperatures and each other’s hands will be felt and their varying temperatures exclaimed over.  If I then turn the heating up, I overheat and feel sorry for myself.  It’s really hard and really frustrating to find a temperature that suits everyone.  One friend who does have Raynaud’s always comes round with a bag full of warm things.  She brings extra jumpers, indoor Ugg boots and thick socks.  I go round to hers wearing layers, ending with a thin t-shirt.

As for the trains, for example, why do they have to have heating puffing away.  Everyone is dressed in wintery attire anyway and sardine-packed bodies make for a hot and steamy carriage (oo er!)  so the addition of heating confounds me and renders me uncomfortably hot and sweaty.  It’s a vicious circle because when I then take off my jacket or another layer, by the time I get outside and it’s a bit cooler, my sweat gets cold and I am that horrible mix of cold on the outside, hot on the inside.

I fear there are a lot of people who don’t get all this and think I am exaggerating but it really isn’t remotely pleasant to spend most time in buildings and on public transport wiping away the sweat and feeling ludicrously hot.

How on earth do people survive in offices.  I have attended disciplinaries over issues relating to temperature issues (eg a workplace harassment claim based on someone turning the heating down and making them cold – it was more complicated than that but it got very out of hand).  Of course I hate working in icy cold environments (don’t start me off on air conditioning!) but it feels like a lot of shops, offices and public transport blast out the heating.  I hate walking into a shop from outside, where you’re dressed suitably for the temperature, and are subjected to temperatures far greater than you’d ever have at home.  I’m not surprised everyone has seemingly had or has a cold – hot germy air seems to be the accepted standard.

I suppose really I should just be grateful I don’t live somewhere like Russia where apartment blocks have a centralised heating system that is on super hot from X date to Y date irrespective of the temperature outside.  I stayed in such a place in Lithuania in April and we couldn’t open the windows.  I could have cried, it was like being captive in a tropical plant house.  Now to see how long I can get away with having my breakfast with the door open to the lovely cool outside air …


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