{22/11/2012}   Hats with ears

Last night, I saw a grown woman wearing a furry hat that extended into a furry scarf in the style of a grey furry cat.  I’m sorry but it looked ridiculous and weird.  I don’t get it.  It’s one thing dressing babies and young children to look like cute animals but, really, grown ups?

Maybe I am just lacking in a sense of humour on this matter but it’s both mutton dressed as lamb and human dressed as animal.  It wasn’t even fancy dress, she was otherwise seemingly normal, though the latter is a dull thing to be and maybe I too should address being out of the ordinary and dress in a furry cat head piece …. er, no.  On this I am happy to be normal!

Occasionally, I also see people with motorbike helmets with ears on top.  Why?  I’m all for creativity but for some reason animal outfits annoy me.

If a friend of mine rocked up dressed as a cat/dog/giraffe I would struggle to converse with them and would, strangely, find it weird talking to them – talking just about wearing an eared “hat”.  I don’t care about fancy dress animal outfits though, they don’t distress me; fancy dress is fancy dress.  I mean, I don’t like the concept of fancy dress but that’s different.

Actually, I remember now in Japan that Hello Kitty figures dressed in animal suits were popular (ie toys) and they annoyed me too.  Yikes, do I have some strange animal costume phobia?  Now there’s another angle to it.  I was after all unexpectedly angry seeing that girl in her grey furry cat outfit.  I even, dare I say it, had an urge to pull it off.  Is that a bit extreme?!  Seriously though, she looked ridiculous.

I am saying all this and I have a niggle that I know someone who wears a teddy bear hat.  Anyway, I was in mid rant flow.  Delving deeper into the psychology of this I also have an issue with food flavoured to taste like other food.  For example, a cranberry soaked raisin.  Why not eat a cranberry or a raisin.  What point is there trying to make a raisin taste like a cranberry.  It’s an issue with something pretending to be something it isn’t … perhaps?  Or maybe it’s just a simple matter whereby I don’t like top-of-head ears on humans.  I am writing myself into weirdness I now fear!

Oh, oh, another one.  While I said I was ok with fancy dress, I am not ok with leaflet giver-outers, for example, dressed as animals, particularly when you can’t see their faces.  Ugh, I will walk to the farthest reaches of a pavement or road to get away from them.  I hate not knowing what’s underneath.  Oh, I’m very much disturbed.  I can picture a big lumbering chicken outfit with some poor person inside handing out leaflets.  Oh that was horrible.  Now, see, this blog is therapy, I am discovering my idiosyncrasies and addressing them.  Sort of.  Well actually not because there is no way I will every look at someone wearing an eared animal hat and think, “Ahhh, that’s so cute”.



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