{26/11/2012}   The joys of a Sunday roast

Last night we had roast lamb, potatoes, parsnips and carrots with a Cava aperitif and cheesecake with caramelised pineapple for dessert.  We ate far too much but it made for a lovely dinner and evening.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a Sunday roast and I am now reminded that it’s worth taking the time to do it for as many Sundays as possible.

I don’t know if we had a Sunday roast every Sunday at home when I was a child but we certainly had a lot of roast dinners.  I love them. I don’t like pork so for me it’s either roast chicken, lamb or beef.  In an ideal world there will be Yorkshire Pudding and I think it’s ludicrous to only have Yorkshire Pudding with beef; Yorkshire Pudding is lovely with everything.  There is definitely a sense of tradition and comfort with a roast dinner but it also tastes great.

Yesterday, my friend and I contemplated getting a Sunday lunch at a pub but we both had plans for dinner so abandoned a substantial lunch, indeed in my case it would have meant a Sunday lunch and a Sunday dinner.  You can have too much of a good thing.  Again, there is something traditional, proper, about having Sunday lunch in a pub.  I feel like so many of us think that an ideal Sunday would be lounging around with the newspapers then going out for a Sunday roast.  I increasingly feel we are brainwashed into associating certain things with certain days of the weeks or whatever.  However, roast dinners really are all about Sundays.  Traditionally, it was the meal that was eaten as a family if no other meal were eaten together.  I like to think it often still is.  I know a fair few people who have a family roast dinner on a Sunday.

I even know someone who has strange eating issues, whereby he eats the same very specific ready meal from the same shop every day of the week for his dinner, while his wife and children eat “normal”, varied meals.  However, on a Sunday, he will eat a freshly prepared, non-ready meal roast dinner.  However, the roast dinner has to be exactly the same every week!  I guess it’s a recognition that Sunday roasts are both a nice tradition and a way of spending a meal with your family.

Some people suggest that roast dinners are a lot of work, but once you’ve prepared everything, most of it is just shoved in the oven and left.  The only down sides are that there is usually a fair bit of messy washing up and that, to me at least, it is a source of great distress to mess up the roast potatoes, for if they aren’t crispy or are burnt it is very upsetting.  Last night, however, I got them crispy on the outside and soft in the middle!  Likewise the parsnips.  Hurrah.

I think really that a Sunday roast reminds me of childhood, of meal times spent with my parents, and nowadays as time to sit with friends or family and enjoy a meal that I’m pretty sure everyone enjoys.  It’s also nice to have a British tradition because I feel there are so few.  So really, what’s not to love about having a Sunday roast, especially if it involves friends and loved ones and simple yet delicious food?


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