{28/11/2012}   Armchairs and how grown up they make you feel

I am now in possession of three armchairs and a love seat (a two-seater, but a bit more snug than a conventional two-seater).  Prior to that, in my living room I had a comfy armchair (the kind every visitor gravitated toward), an uncomfy but lovely chaise longue, a black  vinyl chair that was more comfortable than it looked and a massive beanbag.  I feel much less student now I have a living room full of armchairs (the chaise long is now in my bedroom, the black vinyl seat and the beanbag are with Chris in his flat), but, unfortunately, I went for style (my two “new” armchairs and the love seat) in the form of original 1930s chairs, complete with original springs and upholstery.  This equates to questionable comfort, but more of that later.

My point really is to question how many chairs you need in your home.  Fortunately, I have a fairly large living room, though it does not look more like a sitting room in terms of floor space allocation, ie it’s full of armchairs!  The reason I started looking for another armchair was that I had the one comfy chair and I was fed up with one or more people coming over and stealing my lovely comfy chair. Lying in the beanbag was great but once you got it in the right position, it was surprisingly easy to fall asleep in.  This made it a non-sociable seat, plus it was hard to get out of.  The chaise longue is a triumph of loveliness over comfort and took up a lot of space to seat one person.  It also wasn’t know for its comfort.  The vinyl chair was ok, particularly with the benefit of the foot rest, but it was never a curl up kind of chair.  So I decided I needed an additional comfortable chair or sofa.

I looked in charity furniture shops and failed to find anything even slightly inspiring.  I then, dangerously, took to eBay and selected the search tool of being in a certain vicinity of my postcode.  The first armchair I found happened to be two armchairs and a love seat.  They looked so nice and I loved the style.  So, yes, I went to see them and ended up buying them.  They do look lovely and, as they’d been covered probably most of their life, the upholstery isn’t as grubby as I feared.  The issue is just the comfort for only one of them is ok to sit on!  The springs are massive and of trampoline-bounce proportions.  Also, they are like sitting on a water bed.  So you either kind of sloosh around on them or you sit on them a tad too vigorously (they are quite low) and end up being jet propelled back out of them and back to standing.  I’m not exaggerating anywhere near as much as you’d expect.

However, despite my lounge being somewhat overrun by armchairs, I am hoping to have exactly four guests round so we can all sit in our armchairs.  There is something surprisingly grown up about having a proper set of armchairs.  I no longer feel so temporary, having make-do chairs.

The only problem is I fear people will sit on them, bounce to standing and end up sitting on the floor.  I should have chosen my armchairs for their comfort rather than their style.  But, that said, I am very much now the proud owner of some matching furniture, for the first time in my life!  How utterly grown up am I?!


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