{29/11/2012}   A new toilet seat

I am staying in the flat I used to live in in Peckham.  For the past three and a half years I’ve on and off lived here, one of the two toilets has irritated me no end as the toilet seat moves around and a few times I’ve slid off it and ended up partially seated on the cold and often grubby toilet bowl.  Until Sunday, I had never bought a toilet seat before.  My life appears to be enhanced by the presence of a new and colourful toilet seat in that bathroom now.  I have also discovered that there are a lot of different kinds of toilet seats out there.

I never thought I’d get enthusiastic about toilet seats but here I am writing a post about them!  My quest began early last week when I first started saying here and had an early near-incident sliding on the toilet seat.  I tried to mend it, as indeed I have tried on many occasions before, but the fixture was well and truly broken.  Also, the seat itself was a little flimsy and unsatisfying.

I had a look in Sainsbury’s where, to my surprise, there was a toilet seat for sale, but it was white and £18 and this didn’t seem nice.  I realised I didn’t want a white toilet seat.  I looked in a few other supermarkets but they didn’t sell any.  I then went into one of my favourite shops, Kristal’s in Nunhead, a pharmacy that also sells pretty much everything.  I couldn’t see one but I asked and about two minutes later a very bright toilet seat was produced.  I recoiled when I saw it and rejected it, though it was better quality than the flimsy black plastic one that was currently hanging on for dear life.  It was a rather bright blue plastic with an underwater fish scene, lots of brightly coloured fish – £10.95.  Sorry, but I didn’t feel either Chris or I were bright tropical fish toilet seat kind of people.

I then tried online.  Oh my, there are so many different toilet seats.  I realise I don’t like novelty pictures, I didn’t want wood coloured wood, no white, no clear plastic, no water mark effects (I would end up wiping the toilet seat too often, thinking it was covered in dribble), no glitter … the list went on.  I couldn’t even find one I liked amidst all of them.

Then on Sunday, having failed to find a loo seat in a Tesco Extra, I detoured to Argos.  They had a whole page of wooden toilet seats (though not wood as I know it, but never mind) that were in bright colours.  I opted for a turquoisey blue seat, found it available and even discovered it was 25% off (£7.75 – more of a bargain than I expected).  I made my purchase and was surprised by how heavy it was.  I then, uncharacteristically (I am lazy, you see) set to putting it on the toilet as soon as I got home.  It fitted a treat, wasn’t complicated to fit and actually looks good.  I am now contemplating which colour to get for the other bathroom!  I never thought a toilet seat could change a bathroom so much.


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