{02/12/2012}   Girlie days out

I’ve had two thoroughly enjoyable weekend days recently with, each time, two friends, meeting kind of in the middle, in London.  This has also added to my current feeling of fondness for London and a lament for not doing such things more often.  One of these days was all about flowers, food and coffee, the other was about karaoke and food and drink.  You should never underestimate the joy of friendships and that spending time without respective partners and children is probably going back to how and why you became friends in the first place and I think it’s time that should be spent between friend, even if it is only once a year.

I recently met up with two friends from university and the three of us spent the day going from cafe to food place, searching for good coffee and good cakes, with an hour or so spent at Columbia Road flower market.  Yesterday, I met up with another two friends and we had a fantastic hour and a half at karaoke, a hot jacket potato and baked beans picnic on the South Bank with a bottle of bubbly, some mulled wine interludes, dinner and drinks in a bar that had meaning to all three of us.  On both days, the three of us largely chatted, caught up and reminded ourselves why we are friends.  Yet on both days I wished we could spend such time together more often, but knew that really it isn’t going to happen as we all live in different places and have often conflicting commitments.  But all this makes it even more significant when we do meet because we know that all of us have made an effort to arrange that weekend and be there.

I realise that the friends you see most often are usually the ones you live or work closest to geographically.  I also realise nowadays that I’m more likely to see friends on a one-on-one basis or at one of our respective homes, in large part because it seems increasingly difficult to arrange more than one other person to meet up.   It’s not impossible, it just a bit more toing and froing than is easy.  This by no means is a reflection of how I think of friends I rarely see, usually because of geography.  Of course there are people I would like to see more often but can’t and I appreciate I am lucky to have friends nearby.  However, even if planning to meet up with a few friends is something that has to be done months in advance, in my experience it’s always worthwhile and everyone makes a real effort to be on time, to sort out advance birthday or Christmas presents, etc.  It’s also really good for friendships to see your friend, at least sometimes, without partners or children.

I have no more girlie days out coming up but there are a few I can think of that I’d like to arrange and if “a few” is only three next year, the rarity of such a meet-up will make it all worthwhile.


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