{03/12/2012}   Hot alcohol

I had hot cider a few weeks ago, mulled wine on Saturday and hot ginger wine yesterday.  I am reminded around this time every year how much I love hot alcoholic beverages.  I fear it’s not a good habit to get into but, hey, doesn’t alcohol burn off when you heat it up?  As Pimms and lemonade and cider are associated with summer, hot alcoholic beverages are the stuff of winter.

I love winter, except for there being fewer hours of daylight.  I also love food and drink that warms your belly and your hands.  When it’s cold outside, it’s great to be indoors, nice and warm.  In my little wintery idyll, there will be snow outdoors, which can be seen through the window as you sit curled up in a comfy armchair with a warm cup of hot alcohol being hugged by your hands.  Ahhh, just thinking about it makes me feel warm, wintery and content!

There is clearly no great point or purpose to this post, I just felt a need to share my love of hot alcoholic drinks, perhaps even in the hope that someone else will read this and think how nice such a drink would be and have one themselves and feel all snug and lovely!  Or, indeed, someone might have suggestions for other warming alcoholic drinks.

Over the years, I have used various drinking vessels for my hot alcoholic drinks, from mugs to glasses.  However, it is distressingly satisfying to have the right vessel from which to drink such a beverage.  Every year, for the past maybe even six years, in my new year clear-out I put my four Bodum glasses-with-plastic-holders (having exhausted the hot alcoholic drinks things by then!) back in their box and into my if-I-don’t-use-these-within-a-year-I-will-give-them-to-charity box.  Yesterday, having ruled out all cups, glasses and tea mugs, I headed for the box and retrieved the box of glass mugs.  I have now decided they will not go to charity, I will just accept that they get used for about two months of the year and are perfect for my annual hot alcohol obsession.

Now, I only have a limited selection of comforting, nourishing, hot alcoholic beverages and I am wondering if I’m missing out on others.  I have tried hot cider but I don’t like cold cider so it’s not really my ideal drink.  I do, however, love mulled wine, glühwein, Baileys coffee and, a more recent discovery, hot ginger wine, which is also my current favourite.  What else is there?  There must be something with whiskey, a hot whiskey mac?

As for alcohol content, it being a hot drink I am convinced there is less alcohol in them than if you drank the same drink cold.  I hope I am right on this, particularly as I am very strict about “only” drinking, say, mulled wine while it’s still hot, which means I drink it quickly and soon press on to fill-ups.  I don’t think I’ve ever been excessively drunk from mulled wine, but I also don’t think I’ve had more than maybe three such drinks in one go.  I wonder why.

To conclude, hot alcoholic drinks in winter are lovely.



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