{04/12/2012}   Choosing a new mobile phone

I was in an o2 shop the other day to get PAYG top-up (yes, yes, I know I can do it all from my mobile, I just prefer doing it at a shop with a real person rather than “press three”, etc) and I found myself idly looking at mobile phones.  I have had my current HTC Desire Z for almost two years and it’s the first mobile I’ve ever had that I haven’t wanted to replace after about a year, having by then lost interest in the current phone and having wanted something new and exciting.

I was left pondering whether my lack of interest in other phones was because I don’t want to pay for another one unnecessarily (after all, my HTC cost more than I got for the sale of my last car), the technology hasn’t improved much, or at leasn’t doesn’t pique my interest, or whether I am just content with my mobile.  I’m pleased, whatever the reason, because I really can’t justify the money on a new smartphone.

I started off with a series of reasonably basic mobiles, then shortly after the second round of iPhones came out I got one, and with it I was introduced to decent internet access on my mobile.  There is now no way I can imagine not having that.  But I was desperate to get rid of the iPhone after a few months (iSmash followed by a new phone for the c£140 they charge, freezing screen, it not being a particularly good phone, poor battery life and too many quirks/irritations).  I then got a ludicrously huge Dell Streak, which I returned and got a full refund for after it crashed pretty much beyond repair and was just ludicrously big and cumbersome.  I then got a small Sony mobile with touch screen and QWERTY keyboard and then this HTC, which also has both.  It is probably for that reason that I still love it.  The Sony, incidentally, I got to replace the HTC for the six months I couldn’t use it (but that is another very long and bizarre story involving a dreadful online phone shop, The Order, horrid Vodafone, with whom I’ve never had any dealings and who I now would never touch with a barge pole, and a small claims court).  The Sony is a bit clunky, whereas the HTC is quite refined.  I’ve had the keyboard replaced, free of charge, once but for now all is good.  I just know I like having a keyboard and a touch screen.

This really isn’t a riveting post but I feel strangely disappointed that modern mobile phones don’t fill me with the excitement they used to.  Maybe because having internet access on a mobile is the peak of my technological interest and as it’s good on the HTC, why would I want another phone that is even more (totally wasted on me) all singing/all dancing!

Mind you, ultimately, I would love a more simple phone, so much of my HTC is wasted on me!


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