{05/12/2012}   Wearing glasses

My current glasses collectionI have needed glasses since I was about 13 but wore them as little as possible (in large part because my first pair were translucent, swirly pale blue NHS specs which I had adorned with pink heart transfers), by 18 I had gas permeable contact lenses and almost never wore glasses and nowadays I alternate between gas permeable contact lenses and glasses, wearing my glasses a lot more often than my lenses.  The key to my better eye care is that I now love glasses and have different pairs for different moods.  All the four pairs in the photo have my current prescription in them and I struggle to restrain myself from going into glasses shops and buying more!

I like that I can alternate between lenses and glasses as there are definitely some days, particularly when it’s raining, when I don’t want to wear glasses.  My orange glittery pair have reactor lenses in them so I hardly ever wear contact lenses just so I can wear sunglasses. I feel I’ve thought of everything where eye wear options are concerned!

When I first got the orange glittery pair, I wore them every day for weeks.  I had, and indeed still do, various comments from people about them, including from a bus driver and an ice cream seller!  I wear them when I’m feeling confident or in need of making a statement, plus when it’s sunny.  I do not, for example, wear them when I have a cold or sunburn because they look horrendous with bright red facial features!  I also sometimes put them on and feel they look awful.  I mostly wear the far ones, the dark brown ones with yellow frames, in large part because the lens area is huge and I appreciate seeing more in a wider sphere of vision, but also because I think they suit me most.

The bright pink and bright blue ones look dreadful on me.  I bought them as a £50 spare pare and was told by a friend and someone in the shop I bought them from that they looked nice, and in fact I recall they did look ok in the shop.  They don’t, however, look good now and they are my leave-in-the-car glasses.  The clear purple and pink glasses were my first pair of slightly out of the ordinary glasses and were also my first pair of Kirk Originals, as the orange ones are too.

I believe that glasses can alter your mood and your look and I find it fun deciding which pair to wear.  I might even treat myself to another pair in any post-Christmas glasses sales now the idea is firmly sewn in my head!  I figure that if you have to wear something you might not really want to, at least make them fun/interesting/different and a reflection of your personality.  To my surprise, quite a few people suggested I probably never wore the orange glittery ones into court when I work there.  Yeah, right, of course I do and why shouldn’t I?

My only problem with glasses is that, much as I love them, most of them don’t suit me.  In fact, I once had my eyes tested in a well-known optician’s and had the dispensing optician go round the store with me to find some that suited.  I told her that not many suited me and I wasn’t optimistic about the ones they had as they were most uninspiring.  After trying on I really don’t know how many, she actually ended up saying to me that there were indeed no glasses she could find that suited me!  Best excuse ever to have not bought glasses after an eye test!


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