{06/12/2012}   Alarm clocks and weather stations

I am now the slightly bewildered owner of a weather station.  With a bit of time to spare and passing an Argos yesterday morning, I decided to finally get a proper alarm clock.  There was quite a staggering array of alarm clocks, I was overwhelmed and the next thing I knew I was parting with almost £30 for a weather station with alarm.  It’s touch screen too.  And it has a very useful (really?) “ice alert”.  But really, I just wanted a non-illuminated, digital (I prefer analogue but my alarms are set in such a way that every minute counts!) alarm clock that I could rely on.

I have quite a few alarm clocks, all of which have been dismissed over the years either because they make a noise (the most recent one was supposed to be silent but I could hear it so it’s now had its batteries removed in disgust), are too bright (I had a digital radio/alarm clock that shines like a torch and can only get brighter) or are unreliable (I have one that would seemingly lag by half an hour, usually occurring during the night prior to my alarm going off – dangerous). For the past few months I’ve been using the alarm on my mobile, but I’ve never particularly liked relying on a mobile phone alarm clock, though I’m not sure why.  It’s been fine though.

This morning, however, having tested the new alarm quite a few times last night, I got my call to arms from my new alarm pipping away.  I obviously set my mobile alarm as back up.  The main display is the temperature, a feature which I could quite easily become somewhat obsessed by, especially as there is a second remote temperature reader which I’ve currently installed in my utility room, the coldest room.  The difference between my bedroom temperature and the utility room is quite substantial.  I’m not surprised my cat (who dines and toilets in the utility room) appears to hate walking on the cold tiled floor, though her food is served in bowls on a length of carpet.

See, that’s how I ended up buying a weather station rather than a clock, I got distracted.  However, I did at least manage to get an alarm clock that ticks all the noise and light boxes.  I’m not sure how long it’ll be before I fully trust it and will stop using my mobile phone alarm though.

If I ever have to get up in the far too early hours, I always set more than one alarm anyway.  I have a friend who often works such hours and she’s always paranoid about sleeping in so sets a selection of alarms at times a minute or so between them and places the clocks around her room so she actually has to get up to silence them.  She said it works, but only in that it makes her so paranoid about not sleeping in that she stays awake pretty much until the alarms are due to go off, then is woken by her selection of alarms, having fallen into her first deep sleep of the night.  Cruel.

I now hope this clock will last me a good few years and the novelty of having the weather station feature won’t wear off!


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