{07/12/2012}   Shoes and boots for all occasions
I often ramble on about how little I care about shoes, and in my defence I don’t give a whatnot about designer labels, but on my Christmas present shopping trip on Thursday I managed to buy myself three pairs of boots, all essential additions to my surprisingly large footwear collection.

I now have a delightfully funky pair of black and pinky purple hiking boots (necessary, I no longer had a pair), a pair of walking boot/wellies (necessary as they’re warm, upper calf height ,waterproof and have non-slip soles and are in anticipation of snow so I don’t have to wear wellies, which make my feet cold and are uncomfy) and a pair of smart suede, black, thermal, non-slip boots (necessary as work boots so I don’t have to have with me wintery footwear and work footwear).  See, essential.  There was a big gap in my footwear collection and it’s now satisfyingly complete.

In part, the welly boots and walking boots were bought in anticipation of my new year mini break in Iceland.  I find holidays are very expense in terms of shopping beforehand.  Clothes are another thing but I realise this is far from being the first time I’ve bought footwear ahead of a holiday.  Anyway, I reiterate the necessity of such boots.

I am not one for fancy footwear but it is a touch geeky to have as many sensible footwear options as I do.  However, I recently went out on an unusual smart-dress evening and realised that not only do I not have smart shoes, I have absolutely no interest in shopping for them or forking out money for them.  I have no pretty or dainty shoes … no, I lie, I do have one pair, which are pale blue leather with a thin white leather border.  As I recall they were bought under guidance from a you-have-to-get-matching-shoes kind of friend, and indeed they matched my blue and white dress perfectly.  It’s just that they cost a small fortune, were hideously uncomfy and I recall going barefoot quite early on into the wedding they were bought for.  I don’t want to get rid of them as they are my only smart shoes, are very pretty and, well, I should at least have one pair of smart shoes.  Not that they’d go with a lot of my clothes, and anyway I shudder at the thought of having to endure them again.  At the aforementioned smart event I wore a rather scruffy pair of flat shoes and, yes, I did feel a bit under-shoed!

So really the purpose of this post is to make myself feel a little less guilty about spending more on “essential” footwear than on this round of Christmas shopping.  I did, however, wear the smart new boots to work yesterday and they didn’t rub, I didn’t slip on the wet platform at St Pancras like I normally do and in the chilly court room I was in, my feet remained snug.  Money well spent, I’d conclude!


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