{13/12/2012}   A hair cut – the power of paranoia

Having spent last week and Monday covering a case about hair salons and having met two celebrity hair stylists, the paranoia of scraggly hair got the better of me yesterday and, in anticipation of today being the final day of my hair job, I got my hair cut – about two inches, which feels like a lot but isn’t exactly image changing.  I’ve now realised I have that slight fear you get when you’re at school and have to go in with a new hair cut and how worried you become at people’s possible reactions.  However, I at least no longer have a dreadful curtain fringe.

The other day, I was chatting to the defendant’s counsel and talking about hair paranoia caused by the people in the court and the subject matter.  He confirmed what I’d suspected, namely that everyone was a little self conscious about their hair.  I informed him he was lucky to be wearing a wig (in the legal sense rather than the toupe sense!) and indeed he was lucky because I have been having daily hair stresses.  It even got to the point where I thought I should cut my own fringe as that was the main problem area.  Other than that, it just needed a trim, which I last had done when I last wrote a post about going to the hairdresser, which I fear was quite some months ago.

I held back getting it cut in the hope that Paul Merritt would declare he would make me his hair project and give me a fancy style.  However, I realised he couldn’t possibly have done that as you can’t take scissors into court … plus I don’t think he is bothered how dreadful the hair is of people he meets outside where he works!

Oh no, the more I think about it, the more I think everyone is going to spot I’ve had my hair cut and know I did it because of the power of suggestion or some such.  It’s like I once did a job about the theft of Kit Kats (not in court, it wasn’t quite that large scale a theft!).  I hardly ever eat Kit Kats.  About two days later, I started a Kit Kat obsession.  Then about a month or so later I saw someone else who was on that job and she too was tucking into Kit Kats.  This is how successful advertisers get us, isn’t it?  They sew a seed of an idea and that’s all they have to do really.  There was a recent advert, though for what I can’t remember, where the issue was having an accident and it being revealed you didn’t have matching underwear.  I went through quite a significant underwear insecurity phase after that and even ended up buying more matching underwear!

The advantage of today’s drop-in hair cut was that my hair stylist appeared to be in a sulk (not that she directed it at me) so cut my hair in complete silence.  What a joy.  That meant I could eavesdrop on other people’s banal conversations and get the whole thing over and done with much quicker.

I suspect no one in court today will notice or care that I have had my hair cut, but I still feel a bit apprehensive, pathetically!  Oh well, at least my hair is shiny and styled; such a novelty.


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