{15/12/2012}   Sorting my store cupboard

Part of the contents of my dried food drawers dumped on the floor ready to be sortedThis morning, before I could register it was a laborious job, I emptied out my store cupboard/dry food drawers.  Then left it all on the floor, knowing that I would then have to sort them.  I am a mixture of horrified and amazed at the amount of stuff I have and what I have (four types of raisin and flours I didn’t know I’d ever used).  However, I have discovered a new kind of order and it has great potential to revolutionise my drawers!

I used to buy ingredients that I liked the look of in the hope I would one day use them.  I have almost weaned myself off that habit as it usually meant that years later I would be throwing unopened, long out of date bags of dried stuff in the bin.  Now, in addition to things I regularly use, I buy what I need for a particular recipe, though that too often ends up being wasteful as there are some ingredients I never use again (ground rice and rye flour are two such things I have discovered in this morning’s pursuit of sorting food).  As a result, I have quite an impressive line in sugars (vanilla, icing, golden caster, a selection of brown sugars, granulated, caster) and flours (strong white, strong wholemeal, rye, gram, cornflour, wholemeal, plain, self-raising) and I am now contemplated what to bake.

I did have to chuck a few things out but not as much as I used to waste.  I have also started – “started” because this is a lengthy job that I can’t face doing in one go – emptying opened bags into zip lock freezer bags and labelling them.  This is proving to be extremely satisfying and there is a significant part of me that is ludicrously excited about putting everything back in the drawers and seeing how much better it looks with clear plastic bags rather than raggy plastic and paper bags with elastic bands, twist ties or clips on them.  I am creating order in my kitchen and it is enormously satisfying.  One day, when I have obscene amounts of money and can afford a house with a kitchen the size of a small shop (a Tesco Express, say), I will have lovely glass containers for all my main ingredients.  But for now I am liking the freezer bag option.

I am writing this and picturing my ordered food drawers but then I get a haunting vision of how the kitchen floor is now looking.  It’s probably worse than it is in the photo as I have spread it out.  There are, however, some lovely rows of labelled freezer bags full of food.  I worry sometimes that I write these posts and am increasingly revealing myself to be far more anal than I ever thought.  It’s quite distressing.  However, I do feel that creating order is a new phenomenon for me that has come with age and maturity.  I guess so long as they aren’t all neatly arranged in alphabetical order (which I really, truly have no interest in doing), I’m pretty safe and can just be called organised.  Oh, yes, that’s a new one for me, organised!  Back to it then …


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