{16/12/2012}   Computer wallpaper

My laptop wallpaper - a boat in Reykjavik harbourI have wallpaper backgrounds on my PC, laptop and mobile phone.  I often think about changing them but I rarely do.  This morning, staring at the yellow and blue of my laptop’s wallpaper, which probably doesn’t seem personalised to other people seeing it but is to me, I realised that I like my wallpaper and that in a world where we all have/read/do so many of the same things it’s good to personalise things.

The photo with this post is part of a boat in Reykjavik.  I chose that picture because yellow is a cheery colour and blue sky is always good to see.  I took it while I was in Reykjavik in August and, even if I am not conscious of it every time I see it, it reminds me of a relaxing and happy time.  It is near two of my favourite places to eat in the whole world (one for its lobster soup and the other for its fish and chips and mango, coconut and spinach salad) and it’s a Reykjavik registered boat, which is one of my top three cities in the world (in no order: London, Chicago and Reykjavik).  Plus, as I recently went through all my digital photos from the last three or four years and got hundreds printed out, I realise that whenever I go places with harbours, I take lots of photos of boats and bits of boats.  And, the more I look at this photo, the more sunny and cheery it looks.  So, more than I appreciated when I first started this post, this photo as my laptop wallpaper is illustrative of a lot of things I like.

As for my PC, I have a photo of an old photo album I bought.  I love the photo album, in fact I’d go so far as to say it’s one of my favourite possessions.  It’s beautifully captioned and it’s largely of the same group of girl guides"Enjoying Sandwiches" One of the photos from THE photo album (taken with film effect) on various outings from the 1930s.  I don’t know them, I just found the album in a rummage shop and wanted to have it.  I have often thought about trying to get a group of my friends together to recreate some of the photos!  Any volunteers, particular the pages of them leap frogging!  I have had that wallpaper on my PC for over two years now and it’s the only time I haven’t wanted to change wallpaper – I probably change it about twice a year on my laptop.  I just love that photo and how innocent and fun everything looks.

IMAG0153My mobile phone wallpaper changes the most and at present it’s a photo of my cat sitting on my lap.  I guess that’s the most obvious of my wallpapers.

Like looking at people’s DVD (or video in some cases, still!) or book collections, I think what you choose as wallpaper must reflect you.  I imagine the most popular wallpapers are of your partner, children and/or pets.  I used to have a photo of my cat on a laptop I used for work and people would often comment on it and if I used that laptop on the train, which I often did, I felt a bit self-conscious about other passengers looking at it as I felt it was giving people information about me that I wouldn’t otherwise want to share.  I took that photo off as I realised I didn’t want people I didn’t know seeing more personal pictures.

Every now and then, when I feel it’s time to change my wallpaper, I enjoy going through photos and deciding which to put up.  I really don’t get why some people just keep the, for example, Microsoft advertising wallpaper.  At least choose one of the stock photos.  But then again, if it’s a laptop you use for work, maybe you don’t want to personalise it at all.  I love every day psychologies, they fascinate me and remind me how different we all are.


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