{17/12/2012}   Christmas songs

I don’t watch music channels on the television except from the point I start doing Christmassy things until Christmas Day.  On Saturday afternoon, doing the last of my wrapping and writing some cards, I watched and listened to Christmas charts.  I realise that I’ve done this ever since I’ve had digital TV and access to music channels.  Oh how I miss Top of the Pops.  I digress; back to the Christmas songs.

On Saturday I watched a Top 50 “Winter Wonderland” chart that I’d seen before  on my last wrapping day.  It is an annoying chart because I’ve never heard of the band (I assume), Stooshe, who allegedly chose the chart and who talk in between songs.  It also bothers me that they have Last Christmas as number one and I don’t like that song.  I don’t know why, I just don’t like it much.  As far as I’m concerned no self-respecting chart wouldn’t have Fairytale of New York and Do They Know It’s Christmas (the original version) in the top three.  I will allow a bit of flexibility with a third song as there are lots of others I like.

Every year, I hear the same songs over and over again and I ruddy well love it!  Annoyingly though, it’s usually ones I’m less keen on that stick in my head.  Thinking about it now, I’ve been humming Cliff’s Mistletoe and Wine.  Noooooo!   I am far from being a Cliff Richard fan but it is quite a festive little ditty.  It wouldn’t be the same without the video though, him with skinny jeans and a shoulder-emphasising top singing in a snowy setting with choir children and festive things.

I was also reminded that the Cheeky Girls did an utterly dreadful Christmas number, Cheeky Christmas.  The video was also a shameless gold hot pant shaking display.  They showed far too much flesh, especially as it was set in snow with a poor reindeer looking on in horror!  Another digression; bring back Points of View, I would so write in!

If I were a singer, I would love to have a Christmas song and a Christmas video.  Mind you, a lot of Christmas songs aren’t sung by people who can sing, so maybe I could start out on You Tube and see where it goes?!  It wouldn’t be a wishy washy sappy number, it would be more like The Darkness, Christmas Time (ie a bit rocky).  Possibly I’ve been influenced by About a Boy and that Hugh Grant’s character gets to live a very nice lifestyle thanks to royalties from his father’s Christmas hit which, obviously, gets played loads over Christmas.

I have often wondered how many southern hemisphere Christmas songs are set in the sunshine.  It seems wrong.  Christmas is all about snow, reindeer, warm clothes … and most of the videos I’ve watched are heavy on the winter imagery, though the Cheeky Girls would be far warmer in a southern hemisphere setting.

I would also like to point out that there is an abundance of non-Christmassy songs in Christmassy charts.  They bung in X Factor winner songs as they always come out for Christmas.  It’s annoying.  If I were compiling a Christmas chart, there would only be Christmas songs and I think I’d only stretch it to a top 20.  I have a few more days to enjoy the cheesy Christmas songs and videos so I shall be watching lots of music television; so good!  Even when it’s awful, which most of it is!


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