{24/12/2012}   Christmas films

I have largely spent today in front of the television watching dreadfully cheesy Christmas films, none of which were classics, even with a stretch of the imagination.  I am currently watching a new animated Christmas Carol (which is a classic, and is indeed one of my favourite ever stories) with the lovely voice of Colin Firth, though sadly I will have to miss the end as I will be watching The Snowman and The Snow Dog.  Today’s enlightenment has been that I love watching cheesy Christmas films and that I can watch them all day long.

Christmas really is the only time of year when I can listen to awful music and watch awful films and I absolutely love it.  It’s like an excuse to succumb to guilty pleasures I fear I may be in denial about, ie a propensity for cheesiness!  But all these stories about Father Christmas, the North Pole, elves, reindeer, lovely things happening, magic, families, love all around (or, as in Love Actually, Christmas all around!) and sleighs and sleigh bells … oh, it is just like having a warm bowl of stew, a hot mug of chocolate or your feet in fluffy slippers, wrapped in a blanket, sitting in front of the television … hee, hee, I may be giving too much away as to where I am while writing this!

Tomorrow, I expect my mum and I will go through the TV guide and have mini squabbles as to who will watch what, though we are both likely to want to watch cheesy films.  I have said it before but Polar Express is one of my favourite ever films to watch at Christmas.  I also love The Snowman (not long to go!), Christmas Carol … no, no, there are just too many to list.  I would like to watch It’s a Wonderful Life, I haven’t seen that in years.  Ah, yes, I’m thinking of all the films I enjoy watching.  I even like watching Back to the Future around this time of year, despite it not being a Christmassy film.  I wish Christmas TV listings could go on for longer or there were another time of year when such films were aired, perhaps a  six-month Christmas on 25th June?

I am writing this in a state of distraction as I am rather enjoying this Christmas Carol and am getting twitchy about getting dinner sorted before The Snowman.  Oh, it’s all a bit much.  I had to stop myself going through the TV listings and highlighting all the films I wanted to see.  We used to do that, though there were then issues about dinner times and things clashing.  If only we had Sky Plus in those days, indeed it would be quite useful now too!  But there is something nice about catching bits of films you’ve seen quite a few times as it all adds to memories of Christmases gone by.

So with that, I wish you a very, very Happy Christmas and I shall take tomorrow off so I can watch films, eat too much and drink too much!  I will be in no fit state to write a post!  HAPPY CHRISTMAS!


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