{26/12/2012}   Christmas 2012

I write this with a heavy cold, very tired from having barely slept last night and surrounded by chocolates and sodden tissues.  Outside it’s blowing a gale and it keeps raining but I’ve just watched the original 1947 Miracle on 34th Street, I’m at home with my feet up and Christmas lights on and somehow I’m feeling the love for Christmas.

Christmas these days is just my mum and I, though Chris joined us in time for dinner (although he is currently in bed poorly!).  My mum and I had a lovely day yesterday.  My cold didn’t get bad until about the time Downton Abbey started (mum’s TV choice not mine, I’d never seen it before, except for last year’s Christmas Day special!) so all went to plan, possibly a first.  I had wanted dinner for 7 pm and somehow it was all ready to be served at 7 pm.  This year’s goose came out the oven with a crispy skin (the excessive consumption of which is suspected to be the cause of Chris’s dicky tum!) and all went well with dinner, including crispy roasties and a passable brussels sprouts dish.

My mum and I didn’t argue once, we didn’t over-eat Christmas chocolates or get wasted on daytime drinks (has happened!) and neither of us were particularly ill (apparently one year my dad and I had flu and didn’t get up all day and I had a fair few years when I had bad tonsilitis!).  I like mum coming to mine because it’s the only time I see her sitting down doing next to nothing … well, she does have a soft spot for children’s films so managed to watch a fair few, with Tangled being quite a hit.

We even managed to go for a walk along the beach when it wasn’t raining.  It was incredibly windy but blew away all cobwebs and woke us both up no end!

As ever, we spoilt each other with too many presents – making up for small family Christmasses!  We each had our stocking, as did Chris when he arrived, and we both had time to “play” with presents!  Even the cat got involved and chased around the wrapping paper and balls of used sticky tape.  Oh, and she chewed a sheet of bubble wrap.

I was in the kitchen on and off from 3 pm to 7 pm, though the latter hour aided by bubbly (whoop!).  I enjoyed it, particularly as everything seemed to go so smoothly and I got the cooking time right for the goose, which I didn’t last year.

This is all very disjointed and not interesting to other people to read but for all the stresses surrounding Christmas, it’s the only time of year I will eat something I hate (brussels sprouts) just because it’s what you do on that particular day.  Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without your family traditions, some general traditions and a few new things.  It is for me about family, no matter how small your family and no matter whether those family members are real family or friend family.  It’s a lovely time of year, even if the odds seem high that at least someone will have some kind of ailment or there will be arguments and dinner issues!


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