{27/12/2012}   Post-Christmas sales

I hate crowds and I hate busy shops, ergo I am not a sales shopper.  But for some inexplicable reason, every year I go into a town around this time of year and force myself to endure a bit of the sales experience.  It then means I can have a first hand rant about it all. However, this year, despite amazing sales figures, I have had two forays into town, both of which were largely bearable.  There is something both exciting and primitive (I’m referring to the odd tussle I’ve witnessed before) about sales for it is a joy to find a bargain.

I know a few people who have queued for the Next sale.  In the early hours of the morning.  This horrifies me.  They always come back laden with Next Sale bags and a long receipt, necessary for returns due to the inability to try things on what with all the people crammed into the shop.  I just couldn’t do it.  Love a bargain though I do, I cannot and will not put myself in a situation where there will be hundreds of (largely) women all prepared to push and shove to get the things they want and then to have to endure queues to pay.  I usually deposit my purchases near the queue area if I see more than a certain number of people queuing.  This has happened possibly 90% of times I’ve gone into Primark.

As a child, my mum loved the Harrod’s sale and we would often go there, as I recall for the last day of the sale.  It was always crazy busy but we always got a few things.  I remember going once and buying a £1 sugar bowl with the lid missing because it was originally £199.  I have no idea how or why it was ever that expensive, even with the lid, for it was a, ahem, distinctive shade of orange.

That, however, is a problem I have with sales, the mentality of, “Well, it’s not my size but it’s 70% off so I’ll buy it”.  I have a pair of trousers that I’ve never worn bought for their bargain status (100% wool and beautifully lined).  They might fit me one day, but I might not want them then.  Oh well, they were a bargain though and they do look lovely in my wardrobe!

This year, despite my little jaunt to the shops, which left me surprisingly unscathed and with a wallet no lighter than when I set off, I kind of enjoyed looking around.  I didn’t really see much that seemed a bargain to me, and anyway there have been sales all year.  Two years ago, traumatised by an early attempt at sales shopping, I left it until the end of January to venture back to the shops, going to Bluewater on a mission to buy work clothes.  I came away with some amazing bargains, though a lot were bought more because they were my size and a bargain rather than their being clothes I might otherwise have bought.  Another issue with sales.  I did enjoy that shopping trip and I did get some great clothes for a fraction of their original price.

My ultimate aim this year (and into next year) is to stay away from the shops and the sales as there is nothing I need.  It’s just so tempting sometimes to have a peek and it really is very satisfying to get a bargain!



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