{28/12/2012}   That between-Christmas-and-New-Year time

The time between Christmas and New Year has always felt like a waiting room, indeed this year, feeling as ropey and sleep-deprived (yes, it is 2 something in the morning as I start to write – my earliest blog posting!) as I currently do, like a doctor’s waiting room.  I have spent this week, or at least parts of it, ill for so many years and I have usually squandered the time off, working only four years that I can think of over this week. Nothing is normal for there are new “toys” to play with and find homes for, the shops are in a state of confusion, getting rid of Christmassy things and putting the previous season’s stock on sale, everyone is hanging out for the next big day, which is New Year’s Eve into New Year’s Day, and everyone always seems exhausted and/or ill.

A friend asked me yesterday if I had got to the stage of a kind of boredom associated with this particular week.  I realised that for the first time in years I hadn’t.  On Boxing Day I was largely ill (I have one of the heaviest colds I have ever had and it must be bad because I have been craving chocolates and treat food in a way I rarely do – kind of how you’d expect to be if you had worms!) and enjoyed being tucked up in a blanket watching TV/films.  Yesterday, I had a bit of holiday shopping to do and at home I largely sat around, ate mince pies, Christmas pudding and chocolates (yes, I really went  for it!), did a bit of holiday sorting/cleaning/packing and tried every remedy I could think of to try and alleviate the earache I have (getting better now, fortunately) ahead of tonight’s three-hour flight.  The latter took up quite a bit of time: bath, steam bath, Google search, yawning, chewing toffees (great excuse and it did help a teeny tiny bit) and fighting an unexpectedly successful battle to not feel sorry for myself – I am convinced I will go deaf on the plane, particularly as this actually happened to a friend of mine.

So here I am, awake with a blocked nose, writing what I am anticipating will be my final blog of the year ahead of five nights in Reykjavik, where rumour has it it will be snowing on Saturday and Sunday, where I am truly looking forward to going to the Blue Lagoon, essentially one huge steam bath – surely that will clear my head – and where I will be to end 2012 and start 2013.

Is there a point to this post?  Yes, yes, there is.  It is to embrace being poorly over the Christmas to New Year week, for then you can justify sitting around eating treats (satisfying your poor poorly body’s cravings/needs, of course) and watching television/reading books and to go away in the middle of this week, allowing guilt-free pre-holiday shopping (to be extended to sale shopping if that’s your thing), and then the final otherwise potentially wasted days of the end of the year (sorry to the four friends I have who have birthdays in this week) being spent somewhere you really want to be with friends you really want to be with!

So, assuming awful things don’t happen to my poor ears and I finish writing this and fall asleep (the potential is there now, I am starting to get heavy-eyed and I’m definitely typing slower), I would say this has been a most successful between-Christmas-and-New-Year week, even making the most of feeling pretty dreadful!

So, in light of the fact I have decided to have a Facebook/laptop/internet/mobile phone-free mini break over the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, Happy New Year and I will be back on 2nd January, or the 3rd if things don’t go to plan with our flights home (which I do have reason to believe could be the case as we don’t really know what airline we’re getting due to airlines going bust, etc, etc).  I should also add, to my immense surprise, that as of tomorrow I will have written this blog for a whole year (with some holidays off) and for me (who never manages to keep things up for long) this has been a huge achievement.  May your 2013 be full of surprises, good surprises.


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